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Bored Talk : Volume 2 “Wagons…”

Bored Talk, Volume 2:


I used to never drink soft drinks, well, hardly ever, but then, I fell off the wagon. I don’t recall getting on the wagon, I guess it was the “Water Only” wagon, I don’t know. But, I started treating myself to a Pepsi from time to time and for that I lost my seat on the “No Soft Drink/Water Only” wagon. I suppose the others on the wagon said to one another “What happened to Tracy?” the answer was ” He fell off the wagon.” Let me make it clear, I didn’t “fall” anywhere, I disembarked voluntarily. Everyone always says “he or she fell off the wagon.” Therein lies the rub…

How did we get on these wagons? Where did the wagons come from? Who’s driving the wagons and where are they going? How many of these damned wagons are there anyway? These questions and many more I hope to answer with the help of my fellow facebookers and others.

There is a wagon for people who have quit smoking. They can ride along until they start smoking again and then they are deemed to have “fallen of the wagon”. Then what do they do…I don’t think there is a “Smoking” wagon. I’ve never heard of anyone falling off of the “Smoking” wagon when they decided to QUIT!, no, when you quit you get to ride a wagon! No one who starts smoking ever says, “Yeah, I got on the smoking wagon today” ! It’s not really fair, people who who have never smoked or who have always smoked have to walk everywhere because there’s no wagon for them to ride! …at least HALF of us have the lungs for walking.

There is a wagon for people who have quit drinking alcohol. This wagon is divided into sub-categories according to the kind of alcohol you have quit drinking .ie, Beer, Wine, Brown Liquor etc. You can climb on or fall off of these wagons one at a time or all at once. Again, there is no wagon for the proud drinker or for the non-drinker…they just have to walk.

Where do you go when you get on one of these wagons? What do you do? Do you ride around all day talking with your wagon mates about the good old days when you used to do the thing that you quit doing? Do you look down from the wagon at the people that are still doing what you quit doing and those that never started doing it in the first place and think, poor s.o.b’s.?

Enough of this for now…I’m getting bored. Keep those comments and posts coming! I’ll write more in the future, if I don’t fall off the Writing Wagon.

I think I’ll have a Pepsi…just say’n.


3 responses

  1. What you’ve got is a wagon train!

    I’m off Mt. Dew by doctor’s request…and I hate it. Let me die fat and happy…

    March 19, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    • tracyisjustsayn

      Thank you for reading…and for commenting! It’s nice to hear it from a true blogger too, thanks!

      March 19, 2009 at 2:04 pm

  2. Virg

    I never realized you were riding along with me or even when you fell off! I haven’t drunk soft-drinks for over 10 years now. As far as wagons go though, did you ever notice the bigger capacity wagons have a band??

    March 28, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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