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Bored Talk : Volume 3 “Batteries! #%%^&%* BATTERIES !!”

Bored Talk : Volume 3

Batteries! #%%^&%* BATTERIES !!

Today I am installing a Cordless Desktop. I have been considering it for a while now, and last night I found one that suited my needs, and it was on sale for half price!…mmmm, I love the half – price sale! Moments ago I opened the box and there on the top lay a sleek, black matte finished, cordless internet keyboard with lots of assignable buttons and controls!…mmmm, I love assignable buttons and controls! And next to the sleek, black keyboard lay an equally sleek, black matte finished, cordless, optical mouse!…mmmm, I love the freedom of a cordless, optical mouse! As I was ogling these two newest additions to my desktop menagerie I noticed, out of the corner of my admiring eye, two neatly wrapped copper and black AA batteries peeking out from under the cardboard filler in the box…mmmm, I love AA batteries! AA batteries are available almost anywhere and they are relatively inexpensive and I have three pairs of rechargable ones…ah yes, the Double A Battery. But then my misty eye caught a glimpse of copper in the other corner of the box…Ahhh…more lovely AA batteries. But WAIT ! What’s this I see ? NOOOOOOO !!!! #%^*^%* , @#%^&*, …..TWO SNEAKY LITTLE RATBASTARD AAA BATTERIES !!! ARRRGH !!!!

Just say’n


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