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Bored Talk : Volume 4 “I need a plan…”


Bored Talk : Volume 4

I could care less about your hot water heater!

or “I need a plan…”

All righty then my loyal readers and fellow pursuers of triviality, let us venture forth together, into the fun house of this amusement park which is my odd little mind…

I started the above at around 4:15 pm. As I now put finger to key it is 7:04 pm. Almost three hours have passed and this is all I have written….No, wait, I have an explanation. As I started to write the first paragraph up there I remembered that I needed to install the new program I just purchased for my pc. I stopped writing to put Merriam-Webster’s 11th Collegiate Dictionary on here so that you, the reader, would not have to muddle through misspelled and misused words as you ride along with me on my current essayistic jaunt. I had to get up from my chair here in front of my monitor and retrieve the cd rom from the other room…I came back and installed the program. This required a restart of the computer…I clicked restart. I was just sitting here while the computer did it’s thing when I realized I had not eaten a bite all day. So, I figured, why not just rustle up a bite while the computer was restarting…I went to the kitchen. Nothing, I found nothing but some nearly stale bread and cheese…I could go out and pick something up except my lovely daughter, Traci, has gone to lunch and to visit her grandparents…in my car.

The computer has restarted.

Now I will have to cook something instead of snacking, I have eggs, frozen biscuits, and some sausage…I proceed to prepare a late breakfast. While the biscuits are baking I come back to the computer and get the dictionary set up and ready to go.

Breakfast is ready. I can’t eat and type at the same time so I sit down on the recliner in front of the tv to catch up on some Star Trek : Enterprise episodes I recorded…I watch them both. I think of what to write on today’s Bored Talk…breakfast was good. As I got up to take the plate to the kitchen I notice some little tufts of cat hair on the floor… a reminder that I am cursed with a feline boarder. Her name is The Stink, more about The Stink at another time. I decide to vacuum the house. As I push and pull and bang and scrape the old Kenmore around the Cedar Brook ( I know…it sounds like bragging, but she is 14 X 70 with a Dream Kitchen and a Glamour Bath ) I think about something to entertain my readers with…I put the vacuum away.

Over 3 hours now and here I sit. I have started a Bored Talk post, installed a program on my computer, cooked breakfast/supper, watched TV, and vacuumed the house…Funny how one thing leads to another when you don’t have a plan or you live your life capriciously. I’ll bet none of you ever do that, do you?

Now, what was I saying? Oh, yeah… I could care less about your hot water heater ! Dang ! Out of time. I’ll get to that later…


Just say’n…



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