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Bored Talk : Volume 5 “I could care less about your hot water heater!”


Bored Talk : Volume 5


“I could care less about your hot water heater!”



There are things in this life that irk and vex me, some more, some less. I suppose many, TV watching, automobile driving, restaurant eating, cogitating members of 1st world society share my irritation at some of these peccadilloes.


By the way, I think we can all kinda guess what the 1st world is and we always hear the talking heads in the media lamenting the plight of the 3rd world. My question is where or what is the 2nd world? If it exists, I don’t think it’s very important because you never hear anyone talking about it or showing us sad, heart tugging documentaries and commercials about how hard life is out there in the 2nd world. Why are there only three worlds? You know how they say ” There’s always someone who has it worse than you” ? This leads me to think maybe there could be 4th or 5th worlds out there. Heck, maybe even a 10th world…scary!


Now, back to those pet peeves. ( I hope none of you are ticked off by people who can’t seem to stay on point ) There are countless pet peeves and personal peccadilloes, everybody has them to some degree. I will tell you a few of mine…


Cell Phones. Almost all of us have them and most of us need them…but we don’t need them CONSTANTLY EVERYWHERE WE GO!! We got rid of the cord several years ago, now we need to cut the cord! Let it go! Surely you can have a meal in a restaurant without talking (or texting ) on your tiny communicator. And if you feel like it’s cool or necessary to talk on your Direct Connect (NEXTEL) phone while sitting with the rest of us who are trying to have a nice quiet meal…YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR LIPS BROKEN ! I am a big fan of the Bluetooth headset, I rarely talk on my phone without using my Bluetooth. But people, Don’t wear your headset like it’s a piece of jewelry! Don’t walk around in Walmart talking on the thing either…you look like a lunatic to half the people that see you! The other half just wonder what that blue light flashing in your ear is.


The phrase, ” Can I be perfectly honest with you?”

Were you not being honest with me prior to that point of the conversation? Sometimes I reply ” No, I would rather you continue lying to me.”


The phrase, “I could care less.”

People say it when they want to convey just how little they care or that they are at the end of their rope. But, they say that they could care less…so they still care a little bit and clearly are not at the end of their rope. “I couldn’t care less” makes much more sense.


The ubiquitous Hot Water Heater. We had one at our house when I was growing up. My mom still has one. Dad doesn’t, I think. Lots of people have them, actually I think most people around here have them. Do you have a hot water heater? I don’t. I gave mine up to help in the fight against Global Warming. I figure there is really no reason to HEAT HOT WATER! Come on, it’s just a Water Heater, it heats cold water!


Just say’n










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