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Bored Talk : Volume 7 “Over The Hill…?”

Bored Talk : Volume 7


Over The Hill…?



As I sit here in the wee hours of my forty-seventh circumnavigation of the sun I am perplexed and somewhat annoyed. Forty-six years of joy and pain, struggle and satisfaction, loss and gain, feast and famine, and to what end? I find myself in the ides of my life considering what things may come in this second leg of my excursion.

Alas, I am waxing philosophical and contemplative and that is not my intention!

They ( only THEY know who THEY are ) always say that around the age of 40 or so you are over the hill. Exactly which hill are they talking about? I didn’t even know I was climbing a hill! Actually life seemed pretty easy up to this point. Back in the day I went off to sleep easily and slept soundly for six to eight hours. I used to just get up in the morning and bound out of bed ready to tackle the world and take the tiger by the tail! I didn’t have to think about the best way to roll to the side of the bed to get the best departure angle for my back’s sake. There was never a second thought given to standing up after rising to the sitting position at the side of my bed in the morning. I never used to waddle like a duck for the first three or four steps in the morning until my back straitened and relaxed. Hair used to grow on my head instead of in my ears…and in my nose…and on my back…and heck, ON my ears ( what’s up with that? ). I make noises now that I only heard my Grandfather and old people make when I was a little kid…grunts and groans and weird breathing sounds! My joints ache, oh, they make noises too. My feet hurt. I hate shoes that tie. I find that I have to make a plan when I have to bend over and retrieve something from the floor, can’t just reach down and pick it up. I have these little gremlin pains and twinges that just occur in places and parts of my body that I didn’t even know were there. I am twice the man I was when I graduated High School, literally! I used to run races that went for 6 miles. Now, I dread walking to the mail box.

I am not at the top of the hill coasting down the other side. Absolutely Not! If there is a hill involved at all…I am at the bottom of it! I have spent the first half of my allotted time cruising along at a comfortable pace. And now, I find myself at the bottom of a very steep hill. I have a long hard climb in front of me to get out of here…






Just say’n


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