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Bored Talk : Volume 10 ” Another poem by Your’s Truly”

Bored Talk : Volume 10

Another poem by Yours Truly

“My Heart’s Reason”

I asked my heart it’s reason

It’s reply to me was… “Bliss”

Again I asked it’s reason

It’s answer to me was this…

“To Live!”

“To beat unfettered by the rhythm that binds

and holds to such strict meter that expression

of thought and feeling is lost in the monotonous drone

of sameness and fear.”

“To Dare”

“To touch the soft, subtle, hidden parts of the intricate web

woven of a man and woman.

Where needs too delicate to be mentioned by mortal tongue

or seen by mortal eye,

and desires only considered behind the closed doors

of the private rooms of the soul are met in a moment, in one breath

with the still whisper of the very essence of being

that binds one heart’s rhythm with another and dares to say…

I Love You!”

The rhythm of the heart and the passion of the soul are woven together

to form the very foundation of reason.

The reason, says my heart, is…


Love unfettered and fearless…

to Express,

to Feel,

to Touch,

to Need,

to Desire,

to Live,

to Love”


Just Say’n


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