My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations

Bored Talk : Volume 9 “Life, simile put…”

Bored Talk : Volume 9

Life, simile put…

We can live in a home that’s as big as a house.

We can sleep like a baby and be quiet as a mouse.

We can be flat as a flitter, straight as an arrow, or crooked as a dogs hind leg.

Tough as nails and as hard as a rock or blue as a Robin’s egg

Poor as Job’s turkey or as rich as a king. Life, it seems, is a simile thing.

We can sit right through it like a knot on a log, be as right as rain or as sick as a dog.

Let a sleeping dog lie while we lie like rugs

Stay cool as a cucumbers and snug as bugs.

We can have an eye like an eagle or be blind as a bat.

Be slower than molasses in winter or as quick as a cat.

We can float like a feather or sink like a stone.

Be wetter than water or dry as a bone.

We can be pretty as a picture or as ugly as sin.

Duller than dishwater or neat as a pin.

Blacker than tar or white as a sheet.

Green as a gourd and red as a pickled beet.

We can be happy as a clam or a lark, or a pig in shit.

Cold as a well digger’s ass and sometimes a witch’s tit.

It gets hotter than hades or maybe forty hells.

That’s clear as crystal and that’s as clear as a bell.

We get mad as a hornet then calm as a monk.

Sober as a judge or as drunk as a skunk.

Empty as a pocket but full as a tic.

Fat as a hog and thin as a toothpick.

My fingers are get’n prickly as a pear

I’m as stiff as a board and hungry as a bear.

This simile poem has run it’s course.

So I’m off to the kitchen to eat like a horse.

Just say’n


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