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Bored Talk : Volume 11 ” Confessions Of A Cartoon Farmer”

Bored Talk : Volume 11

“This one was written for my facebook friends and fellow Farm Town farmers.”


Confessions of a Cartoon Farmer


I have only been on facebook for about two months. When I first arrived I was a skeptic. I would get so irritated at everyone that had to post every time they walked into another room or had a snack…AAAAH!!! I didn’t want to know all this crap! For the love of Zeus!

I refused to post anything like that about myself…NO__ @&^%*&*__ WAY!

I would get these insane requests too…

I got Gifts, Bumper Stickers and Pieces of Flair. I got iSmiles and Shamrocks along with Super Sushi, Birthday Cards, Hug Me’s and Various Eggs and Buttons. I’ve been Poked, Super Poked with Pee Balloons, Hugged, Flirted with, Blown Kisses, Invited to Causes, sent L’il Green Patch Flowers, been Danced with, and even got a Virtual Kiss! I got Comments, Updates and Status Notifications from everybody and their brother!…..Where is Susan Powder when I need her?


But then, my dear friend Karen P. sent me an innocent little invitation. Nothing much…just wanted me to join Farm Town…I was in a weakened state, I think from the Pee Balloon!… and…

I accepted…I accepted…tears, sniff, tears, snot wipe, more tears and two more sniffs…I…sniff…ACCEPTED! 😦


I can hardly get my fat little virtual fingers to type the words, but…


There, I said it! OK!

It feels so liberating to finally be out of the barn, so to speak. I have been keeping this part of who I am hidden all this time from friends and family and now I am out. I can only hope that my fellow Farm Town farmers can follow me and feel as free as I do.


Farm Town is a surprisingly large community of virtual Farmers. My fellow farmers and I can go to Farm Town and be who we truly are..tiny little Cartoon Farmers, and we can do it without feeling like we are on the outside of society. Farm Town accepts us and we all have equal rights there. Farm Town is a place where everyone is the same… small overall clad cartoon avatars, both male and female, that work our little grid farms clearing and plowing and planting. Then we go to the miniature Marketplace where we hire other tiny cartoon people to come and harvest our computerized crops for us. We pay these fraction sized farm hands virtual coins so they can, in turn, hire other cartoons to work their farms. We take our crops to the Marketplace and sell them…we make lots of coins. We use these coins to buy more seeds for planting. We can buy fences to keep our cartoon livestock corralled in, bales of cartoon hay to feed to the cartoon animals. We can buy cartoon wagons, scarecrows, barns and silos…all of which do nothing and are useless except that they decorate our farms. We want our farms to look good so that when our farmer friends come by to visit they will say things like “Wow, you have a nice farm!” or ” Oh my! I wish I had a farm like yours!” This is what we do in Farm Town. That’s how we roll. We also have the Inn, another tiny place with tiny avatar customers. We can go to the Inn and mingle with other cartoon farmers and chat. This makes our lives more complete, interaction with other tiny cartoon avatars moving around in a cartoon Inn pretending to be cartoon anyone from anywhere in the cartoon world.

Ahhh…This is the life!

Personally, I have a sunflower farm that is doing very well…over 80 thousand coins as of today! I have a group of Neighbor Farmers and Buddy Farmers and we work for each other and visit and comment and send gifts to one another and hang out at the local Inn and chat and stuff. I have a friend from England and one from Australia, too!


I have decided I want to become a Cartoon Gentleman Farmer…hey, it could happen!

Coming “out of the barn” about my secret lifestyle has changed everything about facebook for me. I even write a regular Notes Post…

So, now that I have that out of the way.

Anybody want to Flirt or have a Pee Balloon Fight?

I don’t care…I love it all!

Dance?, Sushi?, anyone? How about an Update…I depend on ’em now. I need to see your Status, please! How about some Flair…I really like Chuck Norris Buttons!

Chat? I’ll work your farm…..

Just Say’n









One response

  1. Virg

    Any chance you might mow my yard? If you don’t feel that’s “farmy” enough, you could bale it!

    April 8, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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