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Bored Talk : Volume 13 “Losing Things”

Bored Talk : Volume 13   “Losing Things”

Suggested by my friend B. Cody

There are aggravations.  Life is fraught with them.  Like tech support from The Philippines or India, volume levels in commercials, heck, commercials in general, junk mail, spam, telemarketers, ear hair, back hair, no hair, road work, potholes, cell phone billing statements, or people that complain about trivial things like ear hair.  My point is; there are lots of aggravations. And one of the most aggravating is losing things.

We all lose things.  I lose things from time to time.  I hate losing things.  When I was a kid, during the Vietnam War, my uncle, a Green Beret,  gave me a Genuine G.I. pocket knife and it was nice, all shiny and sharp and stamped “U. S.” on the side.  It was the envy of all the guys and I was the only one in our gang that had one.  I lost that knife not too long after I got it…I never got over that.  A few years ago I lost another pocket knife so I simply bought another one just like it.  I looked “everywhere” for that lost knife.  Except we all know that I didn’t really look everywhere.  I mean, if I had actually looked everywhere I think chances are very good that the place it was would have been among “everywhere”.  I found that knife a year or so later!  I dropped a quarter between the driver seat and the console in my car and reached down to retrieve the quarter and felt my “lost” knife right there at the tip of my finger after I had looked… everywhere.

Have you ever lost a pen or pencil and looked “everywhere” only to find it hiding between your teeth?  Or, lost your glasses and found them perched on top of your head?  Recently I was searching for my cell phone.  I thought I had left it in the car but when I and my friend had looked through the car and in some bags unsuccessfully,  we decided it would show up eventually because we had not been anywhere to lose it too badly…As we were getting back to what we were doing before I realized the phone was lost, she looks at me and says “Here’s your phone.” as she reaches up and unclips it from the neck of the T-shirt I was wearing!  Things get lost so easily.

People lose lots of things.  We often lose our way.  Not really, we can’t find our way…the way is always there, we just don’t always see it.  Some of us say we lost things that we really never lost at all.  Many of us claim to have LOST our virginity, but the truth is most of us gladly GAVE that away.  We lose out temper.  We lose our religion.  We can lose touch.  We lose our nerve, our zest, our minds, and our marbles.  We can lose our asses and the occasional donkey or mule.  We lose face from time to time…some faces need to be lost, if ya know what I mean.  Heck, I lost one in a crowd one time.

I have two friends that recently went to a night club and enjoyed a few “adult beverages” and soon afterwards one of them lost her lunch and the other lost her cookies…Who brings lunch and cookies to a night club anyway?  I lost my footing once just after I lost my grip.  I also lost my hair, or at least most of them…maybe I didn’t exactly lose ‘em, I mean, I know where they went. They just let go and left.  To me, it was a great loss.  My ears and back are trying to make up for the loss though.  How sweet of them.

I once lost my a…tail after losing a bet because my team lost the game which caused me to have find the money to cover my losses…I felt so lost.  I had lost my mojo.

We all lose lots of stuff as we search for our way through life.  Almost all of them are just aggravations.  As long as we don’t lose each other or ourselves…

Dang! I lost my train of thought.

Just Say’n


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