My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations

Bored Talk: Volume 19 “Another Poem by Yours Truly”


Dull gray clouds drag a smoky mist across the frozen ground.

A thick white blanket covers the land and stifles every sound.

No direction nor shadow, no road, path or trail;

Rock and crag and jagged edge are smoothed by icy veil.

Perfect stillness, no muted whispers, no stir of a silent breeze,

No flick of tail or flit of feather neath the straining trees.

The brooding sky guards virgin snow against the rising sun,

To make assured hoary Frost’s work’s not soon undone.

Pristine and pallid, a frigid peace, wrapped in snowy cloak…

In the distance lies life and warmth, a tiny finger of chimney smoke.


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