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NaBloPoMo: March 3, 2010 “Adventurer”

March 3, 2010

I’m watching HDNET on TV. High definition! Austin Stevens Adventures; never heard of Austin Stevens. Austin Powers…Austin, Texas…Steve Austin? Yes! Austin Stevens? No! Just think of any of the many Austral-British, khaki clad with the cool Safari shirt “outdoorsmen” that seem to be running around all over the tropical regions of the planet with a video camera, an expensive wristwatch and a death wish; looking in earnest for any animal that can kill them with a single bite just so they can get down and crawl around on the ground or climb up into a tree or onto a precarious rock outcropping to get close enough to the nasty beastie to kiss it square on the ass, and all the while trying to add drama by saying things like “Crikey!” or “He’s a nasty little bugger!” or “Blimey!”. Got the picture? Me too…and all in High Def 16X9 Widescreen Format! The problem is, I’ve seen it all before…over and over and over! Short pants, long pants, some of them are gray haired and some are blonde, some are skinny and some are not, however, they all have one thing in common, that whole death wish for video thing and I’m sick of it for god’s sake! By the way, Austin just climbed a tree to catch a snake, blimey!

Just Say’n


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