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NaBloPoMo: March 4, 2010 “Surfing”

March 4, 2010
Tonight I sat here in my favorite (only) La-Z-Boy recliner, which, in truth, looks like something Fred Sanford would have tried to pawn off to Archie Bunker, and thought I would write my latest blog post about something that’s been rattling around in my head for a week or so, but it seems that little gem has rolled right on out of my head.  It’ll make it’s way back into the rotation before long though, I‘m sure.  What really happened tonight was, I turned on the TV to get relaxed and watch an episode of one of my favorite sit-coms just to get those creative synapses firing. However, I made a mistake, I opened the laptop at about the same time… and the lovely little screen danced to life with all those wonderful graphics and colors along with that enchanting little musical tone that calls to me like a Siren on the sea of the World Wide Web. “Surf, Tracy….Surrrrrf”.  In a bewitching wail she cries, “You can write about the idiot at the gas station laaaaterrrrrr, you need to check facebook and Twitterrrrrr…”.  And, like the sailors of yore, I was captured in her baneful snare and pulled asunder and drowned in a briny, binary sea of bits and bytes. Alas for poor Tracy!
I’ll bet that the above never happens to any of you that might perchance read this humble record, does it?  If it does please leave a comment or a word of advice for me on how to swim…
Just Say’n

One response

  1. I often find myself struggling under the sea of bits and bytes. What is it in the WWW that seduces us into it’s depths. My suggestion would be…make a list of what you want to accomplish within a given time frame…stick to it….and when accomplished, give yourself permission to play.

    Yo are doing great, BTW.

    March 4, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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