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NaBloPoMo: March 6, 2010 “My Dad”

March 6, 2010  “My Dad”
Today didn’t suck.  I got my car repaired with the help of my dad.  It was a two person job only about two percent of the time, but my dad stuck right with me for over four hours. Good dads are like that, they stick with their kids, through the thick and thin and the long and the short of it, even their forty-six year old ones.    I’ve always admired my dad.  He’s always been a very stand-up guy, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and hard worker. My dad is smart.  He can build things and fix things.  He is meticulous, some would say he’s a perfectionist.  I don’t think he’s  a perfectionist, because he has accepted all the imperfections in his three children over the years with patience and understanding.  He has always given advice when asked, but has never forced his view on me or my siblings.  He has always encouraged us to go for the things we wanted, even if he might not agree with us about them.  He has never let me down…ever.  He is human and fallible.  When he was younger and I was a child he was quick to anger, but never too hard on me.  I have no doubt that I have been a disappointment to him at times, but I have never seen disappointment on his face.  My dad (and my mom) has traveled/camped all over the United States; from Cabo San Lucas to the Artic Circle and from the Puget Sound to Newfoundland.  He has a journal of every mile of it, too.  My dad is a decent person who loves his fellow man.  I will do well in my lifetime to become half the person he is .  This is only part of the story.  I’ll save the rest for Father’s Day or something. But today, my Dad helped me work on my car and that in itself is something to tell my tiny blog audience about…  it was either that or the joys and aggravations of cotton swabs…                                     Just Say’n


One response

  1. Beautiful! Brought a tear to eye in thinking about my Dad.

    March 6, 2010 at 6:05 pm

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