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NaBloPoMo: March 11, 2010 “Drive-Thru Dichotomy”

March 11, 2010  “Drive-Thru Dichotomy”
This is a big part of my life…waiting in line at the drive-thru.  I’ll bet that none of you, my readers, ever lower yourself to this state of being in line, in the rain, behind traffic like this just to get a great big bag of fat and salt to swill down with a quart of tea flavored high fructose corn syrup, do ya?  It’s sad, but this picture shows a scene that too many of us see, looking through our car windshield much, much too often.  Our lives almost seem to demand it.  We just don’t have the time to do all that we need to in our daily lives. Or so it seems.  I have half an hour for lunch on my job and I’m always to busy (read lazy) to prepare something at home to bring with me in order to avoid this scene.  Therefore, I spend way too much of my allotted time just sitting in my car breathing exhaust fumes in order to grab that fast food fix and get on with my day.  But, this time savings affords me the opportunity to do many other things that I would otherwise be unable to do due to the constraints on my time, such as……well, you know, like….you know, the things that fast food makes time for…
The truth is we can do better if we just will.  We all know this to be true…we can do better! With our diet, with our time, our health and with our lives.
I love the convenience of the drive-thru.  Heck, I even love some of the tasty salted fat the drive-thru serves up.  I love saving the time, too, but I think that although the drive-thru saves us lots of time now…….it will probably cost us some time in the future when it really counts.  I hear they even have drive-thru funerals….Just Say’n

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