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NaBloPoMo: March 29, 2010 “Graveyard Shifters”

March 29, 2010  “Graveyard Shifters”
I am a procrastinator.  If procrastination were a secret government agency I would be designated an Agent “00”, maybe 008 or 009, with a license to kill…….time!  I can find more reasons to not do things than any normal person because of my many years of disciplined training and downright dogged determination.  I am a master tactician in planning a day of almost, but not quite, getting something done; it’s an art.  For example:  I might need to mow the yard.  I could do it in about 40 minutes, start to finish.  I really can’t do it in the morning; too much dew still on the grass…to hard on the mower.  Late morning?…can’t do it now, I’m gonna eat lunch shortly and no sense in getting all hot and sweaty before lunch, I’ll get it after lunch.  Noon-thirty?…well, it’s really too hot in the mid-day sun and you know, one needs to be aware of the ever present danger of heat exhaustion and over exposure to the sun. Can’t be too careful when it comes to safety. Late afternoon?…perfect!  I’ll get the mower out and gas it up.  Wait…I only have enough fuel for 1/4 tank full, not enough to do the job completely. I guess I’ll pop down to the store to fill up the gas can.  Well, if I’m going to the store I might as well go to the Full Service Grocery Store where I can go ahead and shop for groceries as well as buy the gasoline.  I’ll need to change clothes for that trip.  But, wait…I have that package of chicken laid out to grill this evening so, really, there is no point in going to the grocery if I already have everything for tonight’s dinner laid out.  Besides, if I go now, by the time I get back it’ll be late evening and I’ll never get everything done by dark.  I’ll just wait until tomorrow…I’ll go to the store early and be better prepared.  Shucks!  Tomorrow is Sunday…maybe next Saturday…Yep! I’ll get the mowing done next Saturday, I wonder what the weather is supposed to be like?  I hope it doesn’t rain.
Ya see….I put the PRO in procrastinator!  James Bond ain’t got a thing on me!
But, my point today is, I’m a procrastinator and that is why I put off getting a prescription, for the one pill I have to take, filled until the last minute… and I let that minute slip past me too.  But, there is always Walmart and their pharmacy is open until at least 7:00PM.  I’ll just pop over there a little after six and get the scrip filled, no worries, except that when I got there I discovered that on Sunday the pharmacy closes at 6:00…Dang!  I really needed to get that prescription filled.  I had already missed one day’s dose, I didn’t need to miss another one, but  I was out of luck so I went home and planned to go out early Monday and get the meds then.  Later on, in the wee hours of Monday, I remembered I have a 24 hour pharmacy just a few minutes from the Cedar Brook, so I slipped into my shoes and off I went to Walgreens.  What a great convenience; a 24 hour pharmacy with a drive-thru service window…only in America, Baby!  I pulled up to the window and there was not a soul in sight inside the store so I pressed the tiny “Call for service” button and directly a Pharmacist popped around the corner.  She was on the phone, I’m sure with another of my ilk that needed to get a scrip filled in the middle of the night because they put it off until the last minute was expired.  The lady took my prescription and told me to wait over in lane 2…that’s right, they have a Double Drive-Thru 24 Hour Pharmacy!  How cool is that?  As I waited for my 4AM prescription I got to thinking.  I’ve done lots of middle of the night shopping in 24/7 joints like 7-11 Markets, Convenience stores etc. over the years and the one thing that one notices is the guys and gals behind those counters working the Graveyard Shift.  Some of them are just really great folks, but the majority are there because they can’t get another job due to, God only knows what, qualification issues.  So they say, “Hey, I’ll work the Graveyard Shift if you’ll hire me.”  I give them all credit for working at, what can be, a dangerous job.  Being on the job behind that counter with the cash register, on the Graveyard Shift, is not what one would want to do for a living.  Ya know what I’m saying?  As I’m thinking all of this through I notice the Graveyard Shift Pharmacist, still talking into the phone on, what is obviously, a personal call and I wonder to myself, “Why does a highly educated pharmacist work the Graveyard Shift?  Maybe she was not quite the top of her class.  Maybe she just squeaked by in Pharmacy School with a D.  Maybe she’s a felon.  Maybe she’s on the phone with her parole officer. Maybe she failed pharmacological terminology.  Maybe she just doesn’t quite have the social skills to work in the day time with regular people.  Maybe when she was in college she was a  procrastinator …”

Just Say’n


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  1. reading rosie

    Rollickingly funny!!!! I’m curious. What caused you to procrastinate getting to the drugstore on Sunday?

    March 30, 2010 at 3:37 am

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