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April 2, 2010 “Technospoiled”

April 2, 2010  “Technospoiled”
I’m spoiled!  I know it….and so are most of you!  So, don’t start in on me about it!  We….WE are all so spoiled by technology.
Today I’m pissed off because my BlackBerry won’t do exactly what I want it to!  I’m mad as a wet hen because…My Telephone, which is not connected to a wire in my house, which I can talk on while I’m driving in my car at 75mph in bumper to bumper traffic or while I’m in a movie theater where others have the nerve to want to watch a movie without being interrupted by some ass who needs to talk to his best friend about the best place in town to get a pizza before the big game tomorrow,… which allows me to take pictures or video of people at Walmart that look strange or have a mullet hairdo and send these Pulitzer prize photos or videos to every one of my hundreds of contacts… all while I’m reading the latest about the malcontents of Hollywood in the checkout line,… which can actually tell me that I’m in Walmart and then tell me how to get to the nearest theater or pizza joint,… which can give me the current weather in almost any city in the entire world,… which can let me chat…on the internet…with anyone in this big world that has a computer,… which allows me to watch television and movies on a device that fits in the palm of my hand at any time no matter where I am,…and which calculates, converts, alarms, reminds, transmits, receives, sends, speaks, sings, and plays games.  This phone does almost anything one could want a computer/camera/telephone to do. But, when it doesn’t do just one little thing that I, in my technospoiled pride, want it to….I get bent out of shape and want to squeeze the little bastard until it squeaks!  I had a blog post in mind to go along with the photo for today, but because of the damned useless piece of junk telephone I’m typing this post on, I got side tracked on google on the BlackBerry browser trying to find a solution to my problem and was unable to complete my piece in time. Crap! there is a text message coming in from the pizza parlor….my pie must be ready….Ciao!
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