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April 5, 2010 “Fast Lane”

April 5, 2010  “Fast Lane”
So, you want to know what I’m ranting about today?  Well, let me tell you what really got me riled up on my way to work this afternoon… This   $^*$%$#**!@@%^   Guy!
Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing personal against the guy, I don’t even know who he is.  And, on top of that, I’m so envious of him I could spit!  I love riding motorcycles, especially Sportbikes like the one this dude is on, oh yeah!  I’ve had a couple of them and would give my left n….uhh..eyetooth to have another one.  Riding a super responsive motorcycle across a curvy mountain road at a ridiculous rate of speed is an exhilarating form of therapy for the adventurous soul; I love it!  However, today, as I’m cruising down the interstate on my way to work, this guy blows by me like I’m backing up.  I don’t think anything about that, it’s normal for Sportbikers to pass cars very quickly and disappear into that pin point of highway at the horizon.  Not this guy though, no, he zooms by and is immediately slowed by traffic.  But, instead of changing lanes and just leisurely zipping right on around the slow pokes, he just lays in behind them in the fast lane and ekes along.  I soon pass him…this guy on a motorcycle that will easily go well over 120 mph, in the slow lane!  I just keep on motoring and soon I’m far ahead of the crotch rocket bike.  I have to change lanes a few times to keep up with my cruise control, but I soon settle back into the slow lane and keep even with most of the traffic…then, here comes the guy again, like I’m backing up, and he easily passes right by me… again!   This time I think he is gonna get off the fence and on the bike and… GO!  Not this guy, the one on the 150 mile an hour, super responsive, exhilarating therapy machine… Nope, this guy swings into the slow lane in front of me as I grit my teeth and shake my head while I’m reaching for my camera…
If you’re gonna ride in the slow lane of life, get in it and stay there; enjoy the ride, but if you’re gonna ride in the fast lane, stay in the fast lane as long as you can and ride like the wind…GO FAST!
Just Say’n

2 responses

  1. What concerns me is that your flying down the highway TAKING PICTURES!

    April 6, 2010 at 12:22 am

  2. Eva

    This guy is a star of your blog, and does not even know it! Next time ram him!

    April 7, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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