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April 8, 2010 “Fire On Jenkins Mountain”

One of the things I always wait for in the Spring…the blooming of  the Judas Tree (aka, Red Bud) lets me know that Spring has truly sprung.

And now another poem by Yours Truly…it was inspired by the fire in the photos of the previous day’s post.

“Fire On Jenkins Mountain”
There’s a fire on the mountain!
Smoke’s a billerin’ high!
Jenkins Mountain is burnin’
Yeller smoke’s fillin’ the sky!
Go and git yer axes boys!
yer mattocks, shovels and hoes!
We gotta cut a fire line
before it gits too close.
To kith and kin and neighbor folk
ther livestock and ther farms,
we gotta stop it on the ridge
before it takes the barns!
It cut its way on down the holler
like the devil’s wrath,
swallowin’ up and burnin’ black
the earth that’s in it’s path.
We’ll cut our line down by the creek
tween here and Ritter Town,
‘n cut one at the Baptist Church
so it don’t git burnt down.
Jenkins Mountain killed four boys
in the fire of ’54,
they went to the bluff… that devil to fight
and never come down no more.
Beware that fiery demon boys
Our lives it wonts to take..
The wind’s a blowin! Our line won’t hold…
the flames has jumped the break!
TLH 4/8/2010

One response

  1. Stunning as always!

    April 8, 2010 at 10:32 pm

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