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April 11, 2010 “The Simple Pleasures”

April 11, 2010  ” The Simple Pleasures”
Sometimes, well, Most of the times, it’s the simple things that bring the most comfort and satisfaction in life.  For me, it can be a piece of very good, high quality, dark chocolate or a tall glass of Pepsi with cracked ice and a lemon wedge…MMMMMM!  There are plenty of other simple little things that bring real joy to my meager existence and this last Friday I indulged my simpler side by going to one of Kingsport’s real home grown gems… The Purple Cow Drive-In.
There are two Purple Cows that I know of, Kingsport, has one and there is another one in adjoining, Webber City, Virginia.  The cooks are better in Kingsport, hands down, plus, the Kingsport location stays open until 12AM on Friday and Saturday.  With a varied menu that ranges from Chocolate Chip cookies and New York style cheese cake to fried green tomatoes and a 16 OZ. Bourbon Sirloin Steak, you can find something to satisfy your craving.  My simple pleasure that the Purple Cow satisfies to the ‘nth degree every few weeks is the 16OZ. Bourbon Sirloin Steak…after midnight.  On my way home after work I can call in my order for a 16OZ. Bourbon, cooked medium with grilled peppers and onions and a baked potato.  They will have it ready when I get there and by midnight I’m enjoying a simple pleasure of my life.  Really, not bad at all.
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