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April 12, 2010 “Karmic Bagpipes”

April12, 2010  “Karmic Bagpipes”
Anyone who reads this blog knows that I tend to rant occasionally, well, just look up there at the title; Rants is the first word. So, if I begin to go off in a bit…hey, it’s what I do.
I do not, however, believe in reincarnation or past lives, but I’m beginning to think something is up.  I have ranted recently about all the “Guys” that populate this little trailer park…er…hamlet I live in; Orange Truck Guy, he hammers and bangs around on his orange truck all the time (until the truck burned down a few weeks ago), Lawn Mower Guy (he rides his loud, backfiring,  lawn mower over to visit OTG and watches him bang and hammer), Harley Hog Guy (starts his Hog at all hours and listens to it roar while the rest of the hamlet tries to sleep), Yapping Dog Guy (has a yapping, growling, little p.o.s. dog that runs around all night yapping and growling)….this has been my life for around a year…yapping, hammering, roaring, backfiring at any random time of the day…any day. Until recently when OTG burned down his truck, so now LMG has no reason to ride over for a visit and HHG got a JOB so he sleeps at night, and YDG moved away and took the dog with him, and suddenly, life in the Hamlet was good…Quiet and peaceful and good.
Now, for that little Karma thing.  I must have been something terrible in a past life, something or someone who made a hideous noise that really grated on some Holy Man’s last nerve.  Have you ever stood next to bagpipes as they were being played…by a VERY BAD bagpipe player….it is beyond belief: EXCRUCIATING! I must have been that guy… BBG        (Bad Bagpipe Guy).  How did I come to this conclusion, you ask?  Because, just when I was getting used to the quiet of the “New” hamlet…The neighbor, just at the back of the Cedar Brook, decided to build a deck on the front of her trailer, 15 feet from my bedroom window!!!!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
I have pissed off some deity somewhere along the line in a past life, and I am paying dearly for it in this one!  Now I have Hammer and Saw Girl living 5 yards away…Hammering and Hammering and Sawing and Sawing….and the saw blade is dull!…but, HSG is undaunted, she just burns her way through the damned lumber while I try, in futility, to sleep.  #%^***^$#@(I  (*&^$#^)ing   BAGPIPES!
Just Say’n


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