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April 16, 2010 “Sweet Tea and STYROFOAM”

April 16, 2010   “Sweet Tea and STYROFOAM”

The photo is of a cup of McDonald’s Sweet Tea.  Ah yes, that ubiquitous Southern specialty….Sweet Iced Tea!  In the southern United States, particularly in the Southeastern region you can get sweet iced tea nearly anywhere.  Go into any restaurant and you can order Sweet Tea…with lemon for me.  I cannot see how anyone that likes tea could not enjoy a refreshing glass of sweet iced tea on a sweltering summer day.  Of course you dieters can get it unsweetened and add an artificial sweetener to it; I’m a Dixie Crystal cane sugar man myself.  There are as many ways to BREW tea as there are folks that BREW it.  I emphasize BREW because tea has to be brewed…steeped in hot to barely boiling water for a bit, to get all that rich flavor extracted from the leaves.  Don’t give me any of that Cold Brewed swill…that’s for the lazy and uncouth. From what I hear you can’t get a Sweet Iced Tea North of the Mason-Dixon Line nor West of the Mississippi River; shame really, and sad for all those folks.  Around here, in East Tennessee and surrounding parts, if you order Sweet Tea, more than likely it will come in one of these big 32 oz. (what we all call styrofoam) cups with lots of ice…the tea is usually still warm when they pour it over the ice, so it’s a good idea to give it a good stir or swirl before you plunge that straw in and take a big pull.  MMMMMMM, now don’t that sound refreshing?      As I researched (right) for this little blog post I discovered that, contrary to popular belief, no one has ever drank tea, or anything else for that matter, from a STYROFOAM cup.  STYROFOAM cups don’t exist…never have.  How about that, another product name that has been given to a substance as a generic term for all products made from a similar substance.  Expanded Polystyrene or EPS is what all of our precious sweet tea cups are made of…Not STYROFOAM! Here endeth  the lesson… Just Say’n


2 responses

  1. Hum. Just learned me some thang 🙂

    April 17, 2010 at 11:04 am

  2. Eva

    You have drank of the Cold Brew at my house, and I heard NO complaints!!!!!!!

    April 18, 2010 at 6:45 pm

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