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April 18, 2010 “Irony…?”

April 18, 2010  “Irony…?”
So, I’m driving to meet yesterday’s bus to go to the Orange and White game when I came upon some nearly stopped traffic.  What’s the hold up I asked myself out loud.  I do that when I’m in the car sometime, talk to my self or, rather, ask myself rhetorical questions, like; way to go dumbass, why did you think you could make that quick left turn WITHOUT the 32oz. Pal’s Sweet Tea sitting in the console dumping over into the passenger floorboard?
Anyway, the traffic was slowed and as I rounded a curve I saw the reason…litter clean up.  The Kingsport Mayor’s Litter Patrol…at least I saw Kingsport, Mayor and Litter printed in, I think, gold and green letters on the side of the white, converted, “short” school bus.  I couldn’t really take the time to read the fancy signage on the side of the Mayor’s bus, I was busy dodging and trying not to run over the half dozen or so, neon orange “I’m a Drunk Driver” vest clad members of the litter eradication squad!  Between them and the neon green vest clad “Officers” it was quite a feat threading that single lane around the bus and through the 8 or 9 moving targets…stumbling through the ditches and on the banks with their plastic bags and those little gripper arm extenders, plucking up all the bottles and cans and whatnot they wandered across.  There was no one there to help guide the cars around the bus or to warn oncoming traffic of other cars coming the other way…we all just had to fend for ourselves and dart around the bus when we thought it was clear.  As I was weaving my way through this band of vest sporting, trash collecting, litter grabbing drunk drivers I thought, how ironic it would be to get hit head-on and die in a fiery crash….trying to avoid a drunk driver that’s not even driving a car!
I wonder what the Mayor would think?
Just Say’n

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