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April 22, 2010 “Signs Of The Times”

April 22, 2010   “Signs Of The Times…”
I have been a follower of church signs for a long time, by follower I mean that I try to take notice of the names of churches on the signs out front.  I began thinking about this one day while riding my motorcycle on a little country road near Kingsport, the town where I live.  I drove by a sign that said, so and so “Regular Baptist”…it struck me as odd that a church would find it necessary to state it was a “Regular Baptist”; maybe there are people out there that don’t want to attend an exceptional or extraordinary church, Regular will do just fine for them.
I have only recently begun to document the church signs I see that strike me as odd or interesting for some reason. This blog today marks the first of a series of rants and ruminations on this subject.  It is a subject that is close to my heart, I mean that literally, I live in the Bible Belt after all and there are churches everywhere you look…everywhere.  I come off the interstate highway two miles from the “hamlet”; there are 8 churches on that 2 mile stretch of road…1 church every 1320 feet! And that’s not counting the ones that are just a bit down some of the other streets. This is typical, I think, of this part of the United States; a church on every corner and one in between for good measure…The South LOVES Jesus!
In the photos you will see some of what I’m talking about, this is just the beginning, so don’t be too disappointed.
In photo (1) the sign is interesting for two reasons; first, the name doesn’t even mention “church” and I think that’s cool, second is what you will see in photo two.  In photo (2) you can see the name of the church (the “Holiness” branch has the market cornered on the longest names), but in the background on the right you can see the steeple and roof of church number one, there is not even a hundred feet between them!  In photo (3) we see Parker’s Chapel F.W.B. (Free Will Baptist) for those of you outside the B.B. (bible belt).  You might notice the church is located on Parker Drive…wonder what Mr. Parker did to get a church AND a Drive named after him? , the abbreviations are cool though, huh?  In photo (4) you will see one that really yanks my chain, “Eastern District Primitive”…I’m looking for a “Western District” if anyone knows of one. What’s the difference in the Eastern District and the Districts of all the other directions?  I won’t get started on the Primitive part, I’m afraid I would only digress.
If any of the three or four of you out there that read this blog have any (or can take some) pictures of interesting church signs please email them to ( and maybe I will post them in future installments of… “Signs Of The times”.
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