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April 25, 2010 “etc.”

April 25, 2010   “etc.”
Someone very close to me lost a friend this past week in a tragic car crash.  It was one of those mysterious incidents  that happen at exactly the wrong time and in a split second a life that was just coming of age is suddenly ended.  She was just on her way to work on a rainy morning and lost control of her car and in the blink of an eye she was gone forever.  My loved one and all the others that knew this young woman were devastated and washed over by waves of tragedy and sadness.  It causes one to pause and consider the tenuous nature of life…it is our most treasured and necessary possession and yet it hangs by the thinnest threads and can be lost or taken so easily…, but wait, maybe not, maybe our lives are not ours for our sake; not a gift given to us at all; still fragile and vulnerable, but given to us with the expectation of a return…an investment.  Our lives, in themselves, have no real value to us, we gain nothing in the end just by being alive; we are no different than a bird or a fish or a horse.  We’re born, we exist for a little while, then we die; except for that one little thing, the investment.  The investment put into our life is our soul and how we grow that investment depends on how we use our life…how we live it.  It does us no good at all to invest it all back into ourselves.  To live it for our own gain is no gain at all, it’s zero-sum, like the First Law of Thermodynamics…we just change to another form, nothing lost, nothing gained.  However, if we choose to live our lives with other lives in mind and we make our lives part of a greater existence than our own, we will begin to see a return on that investment.  With every other life we touch in a positive way with our own, our life gains value and as that value increases with each friend we help and with each kindness we do for another, our soul is enriched beyond the zero-sum, and we are blessed in every way.  Life is still ephemeral and sublime, as my loved one discovered in the sudden loss of her friend.  However, her friend had invested her life well; she had touched the people in her world with her life and made their lives better for it and in doing that she had enriched her soul and had given the Investor a large return on the initial investment of life made in her.  That’s why they all miss her so, because she invested her life in them and they are the richer for it.  Now, they each have much more to invest in others, more to give to the greater good, more life to live, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…
Just Say’n

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  1. This has touched my heart Tracy…..and makes us realise what life should be about:)

    April 26, 2010 at 1:07 am

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