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April 27, 2010 “A Short Conversation”

April 27, 2010  “A Short Conversation”
I know that not one of the five of you readers of this blog ever talk to yourself.  I know you don’t, because you’re not crazy; you’re reading this blog after all, and that proves you’re not crazy, so I know none of you talk to yourself.  I have lived alone for several years now and sometimes can go for a day or more without speaking to another human being; mostly by choice, but often it’s not my faul…nah, it’s always by choice.  However, I do sometimes talk to myself, or say things out loud…
The other day I asked a rhetorical question out loud to no one, because there was no one here but me. But, then I heard the question, I mean, it was as if it was directed right at me.  I started not to answer, but my goodness I was standing right there, what was I supposed to do?, and there’s no sense in ignoring the elephant in the room now, is there?  So, I answered, trying to be the better man, not wanting the question just hanging out there.  The conversation just never really got off the ground and soon lagged, so I just shut up and moved on. One can only try to be courteous to another, but if the other is a snobby S.O.B., really, what can you do?
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