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April 30, 2010 “…out like a lamb.”

April 30, 2010   “…out like a lamb.”
Today the sky was as blue as a Robin’s egg, and the air was warm and inviting.  It was a day that made you glad to be alive in it.  The trees are as green as they can be, and the mountains were wearing that verdant cloak like a kingly robe in the sunshine.  In the shadows of the mountain hollows between the ridges, the robe took on a soft violet hue which gave the mountains an even more royal air.
Tonight the sky was clear like a looking glass, and the stars hung like tiny flecks of diamond against the deep black velvet of the firmament.  The night air was warm, but not sultry, and it was heavy with the fragrance of Honeysuckle and Dogwood flowers; one wanted for a place to lie on a country hillside and look up at the heavens and breathe deep, relaxing, refreshing breaths, and look for falling stars all night long.
It was a good day all around.  April has quietly meandered into May like a tiny newborn lamb.
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