My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations

May 2, 2010 “Sunday”

May 2, 2010   “Sunday”
It’s Sunday, a blustery Sunday, with rain and storms on the horizon.  Sundays are lazy days of sweet iced tea and porch swings with family gathered around, good home cooking and lots of conversation.  My family always has great conversation around the dinner table.  Lots of opinions, thoughts, and never any real hard disagreements at our table.  I’m sure there are definite differences and sometimes disappointments, but we are all able to put any disharmony aside for the sake of pleasant family time…and that is a wonderful thing for all of us.  It gives us all an escape from the rest of the crazy world, back at home, where everyone always feels safest.  I like Sundays, even blustery, stormy ones…when I’m safe at home with kith and kin.
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