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May 6, 2010 “Late Night…”

May 6, 2010   “Late Night…”

Tonight I had to work over at my job.  Working over really sucks.  I mean that…it sucks!  I got out at 1AM, and that gets me home at 1:30, and that makes for a late night.  I don’t feel like coming home and scrounging up grub at this hour, so I opted, tonight, for a little “Run to the Border” at Taco Bell.  Where else, in this part of the country, can you get tacos and burritos at 1:30 in the morning?  I like the Bell just fine.  many a night the drive-thru at the Bell has been my friend, and saved me from starvation.  I often have to wait in line while other unfortunate over-timers order up a nice plastic bag full of tacos and burritos and lots of hot sauce (tonight my little sack-o-scrumptiousness included 30 little packets of sauce!) to give the early morning fare a more authentic Mexican kick.  When you frequent these late night fast food flingers you need to have some fortitude about you…you gotta be tough and not squeamish about your food handlers.  When you pull up to that brightly lit menu at the back of the building and this polite (usually, but maybe a little distantly distracted or stoned) voice says “Welcome to Taco Bell…” you will feel like all is well in you little nocturnal paradise as you place you order.  You will patiently wait your turn behind all the other late-nighters to get to the ‘Second” window to pay AND pick up your Five Layer Refried Triple Cheesy Chimi Bell Grande Supreme…there’s a “First” window, but they never use it at night…too complicated, but then your toughness comes into play when the ARM reaches out to take your money!  This arm is tattooed from wrist to pit with Satan and a few of his demons and nymphs in bright colors, all attached to a hand with H A T E etched into the black nailed fingers…You gotta be tough and fearless to do Late Night at the Border!

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