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May 19, 2010 “Pepsi”

May 19, 2010   “Pepsi”

I’m a Pepsi man.  Always have been a Pepsi man. My brother is an actual Pepsi man; he’s worked for the company for over twenty years!
When I was a kid, Pepsi is what we had at home…let me rephrase that, Pepsi is what Mom and Dad had at home, mostly Dad.  Once in a while, Mom would pop the cap off an extra 16oz. bottle of the sweet bubbly treat and divide it among my brother, my sister and me.  It would be poured over ice cubes and the foam would rush to the rim of the glass, but just before it would ooze over the top our eager lips would be there to slurp it up…we didn’t want to waste a single drop.  Some times Mom would buy Coca-Cola or RC Cola, or, more likely, a “store brand” soft drink like Big-K. I could go into a rant about cereal in a bag instead of the name brand stuff, or, Wyler’s, flavored soft drink mix instead of Kool-Aid, flavored soft drink mix etc., but I will refrain.  Pepsi was the choice at our house in the end. Sometimes, like tonight at work, when I’m feeling a little adventurous or frisky, I’ll take a walk on the wild side and have… a Coke!  But, more than nine times out of ten I’ll choose Pepsi.  I like it from a bottle better than from a can.  I like it ICE COLD.  I even like it over ice…the ice mellows out the carbonation just enough to keep you eyes from watering when you take a big swig.  My very, mostus fovo-rite way to have a Pepsi is in a large, clear, glass glass over cracked ice with a big wedge of fresh lemon.  Now, that’s a treat!
The sad thing is…I don’t have a Pepsi to enjoy after writing this blog post…Dang!  I do, however, have some Kool-Aid mix…maybe Black Cherry tonight!
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  1. Turbo Ghost

    I’m with ya! I haven’t had a soft-drink in over 12 years but, back when I did drink them, I preferred Pepsi over Coke. I preferred Mr.Pibb over any of them unless you count Orange Nehi! The original that is in a glass bottle and made with real cane sugar! One of the main reasons I still go to Wallace Newsstand is because their Icee machine is a Pepsi/Mt.Dew machine! Also, the Pilot truck-stops use Pepsi for their Icees! These are things you need to know when you have an Icee monkey on your back!

    May 20, 2010 at 4:04 pm

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