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May 20, 2010 “Storm”

May 20, 2010   “Storm”

I have a “smart phone”.  Most everyone these days knows what a smart phone is, don’t they?  It’s a phone that’s actually a handheld computer.  I can do nearly anything with my phone that I can do with my laptop computer.  I have internet access almost everywhere I go with my smart phone.  This is my first smart phone.  Up until this phone, I had regular cell phones, lots of them over the years. I had always heard so many good things about BlackBerry phones, so when I decided to get my smart phone, I went with Verizon as my provider and BlackBerry as my phone.  The BlackBerry Storm was the phone I chose…or it chose me.  Either way, I have one now and it’s a love/hate relationship I have with this phone.  The Storm will do so many things, like I said, almost anything I can do on my laptop I can do on this little phone. It has a great screen that, for a phone, is pretty big, and the phone is, in my opinion, very well made; it’s actually, mostly made of metal, not plastic, as many phones are.  The problem I have with the BlackBerry Storm is, though it does all these wonderful things; surf the web, visit any website, like youtube, ebay, facebook; I can pay bills and download music, take photos with flash, and make videos, heck, I can even do this blog entirely from the Storm, it can only do one thing at a time…I can’t really multi-task with the phone. For instance, I can’t be on the web and on the phone at the same time…yada, yada, yada.  I can live with these little inconveniences, however, one thing I DESPISE about this phone is that, for some reason, BlackBerry decided to severely limit the RAM in the phone, so the dang thing freezes up every time you try to do something on it for more than half an hour, it’s like it just gets clogged up with kruf and chokes!  It will freeze, solid. It becomes a brick. It also reboots at random times; just reboots when it decides to without any warning, just shuts down!  Then there is about 4 minutes of waiting until the phone gets booted back up…an eternity if you’re on an important call or trying to take a photo of a fleeting moment.  Today as I was taking the photo that you see above, there were lots of bees of various kinds on this bush, and I saw some good opportunities for some better shots and as I was about to take the photos…REBOOT!  I almost threw the brick against a nearby wall…really!

My first smart phone isn’t really so smart after all…anyone needing a paperweight?
Just Say’n


2 responses

  1. As I have the Blackberry Bold, I know exactly where you coming from…the RAM is very limited…The other problem I have is that for some reason the sound just dies on me on a regular basis….in the end every man and his dog is looking for me without my knowledge!! Make it 2 paperweights…I say!!

    May 20, 2010 at 11:06 pm

  2. My Droid Eris is great!

    May 21, 2010 at 1:02 pm

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