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May 28, 2010 “Strange thing, rain…”

May 28, 2010   “Strange thing, rain…”

Today, in my little corner of the world, rain was the dominant factor for a big part of the day.  It began in the early afternoon, as the remnants of a thunderstorm that meandered through a little earlier without too much fanfare, and stayed for a nice comfortable visit; like a good friend that stops by to sit and talk for a while when there’s nothing really pressing to attend to; it rarely happens here at the Cedar Brook, but I enjoy the company of a good friend when I can.
It was hot today, hot and humid.  It is, after all, the South, and this time of year, in the Southern United States, it gets hot and humid.  Thunderstorms almost always cool the air down when they pass through; it may be short lived, but it does get cooler for a little while, and for that reason we welcome an afternoon thunderstorm around here.  When the storm brings with it a lingering rain, all the better.  Strange thing, rain; it can ruin almost any summertime activity; picnics, ball games, cookouts, lawn mowing, etc., but it’s such a relaxing thing when it comes gentle and easy.  If we allow it, rain can be a wonderful stress reliever.  Today, as I sat here in my comfy chair and listened to the thunderstorm rumble and grumble it’s way through, I was relaxed by those big booming sounds somehow; it was a pleasant storm.  The rain that was left behind as the storm went on it’s way was the best part to me.  It fell as gently across the mountains as the warmth of the morning sun in the hollers and was just as eagerly soaked into the thirsty ground. The rain today was cool and inviting.  It made me want to sleep or curl up with a good book, but, guess what I did, I visited my parents house, and then went and shot a few photos in the rain; not too good for my camera, but all was well in the end. I was the only person out taking photos, that’s for sure, so I was alone and unto myself. I got soaking wet, but I knew I would dry, so I let the rain splash over me one raindrop at a time; it was something I needed, like a cleansing and a washing away of the stress and the worries of everyday life, and it was just plain fun!  I think everyone should try to enjoy the rain every once in a while.  You don’t have to get out in it like I did, but, at least, take a rainy day, curl up in your favorite chair, open the windows a crack, relax, and let the sounds of the whispering rain ease your mind. Strange, wonderful thing, rain.

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  1. Wow…we both had rainy day’s my dear friend!!! Just love the pictures you took….especially the one of the Magnolia…it’s spectacular!!!! Clever man you are!! oxo

    May 29, 2010 at 12:08 am

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