My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


June 19, 2011 “Virginia dreams…”

“Virginia dreams…”


I walked into the midst of a river

to feel the cleansing water flow

to lay upon it my pain

to let it take my fear

a smothering blanket of sorrow


 to cast upon its waters

what haunts my darkening soul

hidden prides and disappointments

unforgiven sins

that have taken a telling toll


 to somehow loose the stains

that have tarnished me too long

the stigmata and bruises

and like stones let them sink

to the bottom where they belong


 I lingered in the sparkling waters

in the wash of a relentless stream

I felt the water coursing

as I looked below the swirling surface

I knew it was only a dream


 for the longer I stood in the current

the more I saw what I did not wish to see

I felt only a bone-chilling cold

for the man I saw in reflections

was the same man who walked in with me


 when you find yourself standing by the water

if you think of me then you will know

in a sparkle, a splash, or a swirl

I gave myself freely to the river

and forever ride on the ebb and the flow

©tlh 6/19/11

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June 15, 2011 “grave circumstances”



“grave circumstances”


going down to rise no more

time is at hand

scratching at the back door

just as well not at the front

not guest nor visitor

but a thief

the chariot swinging low

on the horizon of a setting sun

my course nearly finished

and my race run

sinking slow

the chariot low

and fiery red

green grass will be my cover

cold black earth my bed

weeping silence

trickles through ancient stones

slowly chilling mortal bones

sounds of tramping hooves

the fading rumble of chariot wheels

the acrid breath of a pale horse

with Hell snapping at its heels

I have no angel

and the horseman is on the hunt

©tlh 6/15/11

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May 25, 2011 “belle of the ball”

 “belle of the ball”


the sun smiled at me today

a flash of reflection

in a mirror on the wall

only a wink

just a blink

after a storm,that was all

it took me by surprise

it dried my rainy eyes

and made me see

from the shadows

beneath the clouds

a single face

among the crowds

the cramped places

and the blank spaces

between wasted chances

when the music plays

but no one dances

then suddenly

in the mirror

blinding sunshine

flashes on a wall

or in a dream

either way

I was dancing a waltz

with the belle of the ball

©tlh 5/25/11

January 26, 2011 “floppy hat”

“floppy hat”


in a dream or a memory

I can’t tell which

maybe it was yesterday

she is silhouetted by the blue-sky sun

in the morning of a warm summer day

a soft breeze smells of the sea and her perfume

and I take a breath

of the scented morning air

I strain to see her smile

a form in the shadow

under that floppy hat she wears

from time to time when the mood strikes

her face hidden in the blinding sun

but my eye can trace

the pleasant line of her neck

to the alluring curve

of her bare shoulder kissed by the sun

my jealous lips

envious of that lucky star

and the breeze

and the perfume

and that floppy hat she wears

from time to time when the mood strikes



©tlh 1/26/11

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December 31, 2010




Two thousand ten was a year of dreams…


dreams born…


dreams aborted…


dreams killed in their prime…


dreams living one day at a time…


dreams, too feeble to last, that died of natural causes…


dreams never dreamed because of fear…


I wonder…


What dreams may come next year.


©tlh 12/31/10





December 28, 2010 “a single thought”




“a single thought”


she is my thought at sunrise

in my sunsets she dwells

she waits for me in my dreams

I hear her voice in the depths of my slumber

she whispers

she smiles

she laughs

her eyes lead me into my destiny

I see into her soul

there she holds my heart

and hers is mine

love is ours

we are one



©tlh 12/28/10

November 21, 2010 “care lessness”

A Sunday 160 @ Monkey Man

“care lessness”


set sail west

to the setting sun

to the arms of love

the arms of one

who beckons you come

o’er the tide

be ever by my side

oh, never mind…

you’re no sailor


©tlh 11/21/10