My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


January 28, 2014 “a warm blanket”

a warm blanket


snowy snowy night

falling flakes

floating through the frigid air

a blanket slowly settles

softly o’er the shadowy land

lying silent neath a moonless sky

a peacefulness to warm the frozen soul

©tlh 1/28/13


April 20, 2012 “thoughts on my daughter’s birthday”


daughter to father

is sunrise in the gloaming

golden beam of light

morning glory awaking

as dew drops glisten

lavender breezes blowing

beneath a blue sky

soft sounds of songbirds singing

to the yellow sun

fields of wildflowers blooming

blossoms of laughter

gentle rain on verdant hills

sweet water of life

©tlh 4/20/12

December 30, 2011 “new day”

“new day”

let the dying year pass

give no more thought

to its bitterness and pain

it cannot be relived

only remembered

let go its scarred memories like tears

weeping away from eyes of the hopeful

to the promise of a new day

tlh 12/30/11

May 29, 2011 “little gods”

“little gods”


the liars and criers

cross their fingers

as they weep the currency

of carefully counted tears

into the tin cups

of broke down beggars

or brokenhearted lovers

just the same

it’s all a game

of who’s to blame

as the moment nears

when the truth appears


condescenders and pretenders

patronizing from their ivory towers

hidden in bowers

of plenitudes, attitudes

and platitudes

self-congratulations and adulations

irreproachable and unapproachable


because they say so

who am I to question the unquestionable


 the self-appointed gods of piety

and pompous propriety

who surround themselves with themselves

in other clothes

offering themselves on the altar of repose

with no room on their garments

to pin another rose


 all the while

hearts and men lie bleeding

as lives and loves die needing

to be


by unseeing eyes


by unhearing ears


by uncounted tears

of little gods

created from their own conceit

while brokenhearted beggars

worship and dine at their feet

they exasperate and pontificate

over which wine is best served with the meat

©tlh 5/29/11

May 15, 2011 “ink stains”

“ink stains”

a broken heart weeps sadness into a soul

a pen bleeds tears onto a page

the black ink stains

of forgotten promises

discarded dreams

and lost love

flow in undulating swirls and curls

fluid shadows

crossing and crisscrossing

as taciturn thoughts form wounded words

at the trembling tips of a poet’s fingers

the untouched white field

laid bare to the sanguinary point

suffers in sacrificial silence

save the slow whispering scratch

of a weeping pen

scribing the mournful tears

of a drowning soul

©tlh 5/15/11

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May 14, 2011 “stormy weather”

“stormy weather”


come and stand with me

hold hands with me

on that mountain top yonder

above this stormy weather

the lightning

the rain

and the thunder

where the sky is clear

where the air is cool

and we can breathe

and feel the sun

where the only wind

is a gentle breeze

and the only sound

is the rustling leaves

and our heartbeats

far above the darkened clouds

and the world that lies below

the chaos and the pain

we know so well

the heartache

they don’t see

the sadness

we won’t tell

stand with me

hold hands with me

and don’t let go

trust in me

I’ll trust in you

side by side

hand in hand

letting the storms fade away

tlh 5/14/11

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April 19, 2011 “invisible”



 I am lost

I am no longer

where I once was

where I should be

where I thought I would be

where I could always find me


 I am faded

a shadow in the waking world

dim and disappearing

wan and waxen

a faint pattern on threadbare cloth

worn thin


I am

like warm breath on the cold windows of a dream

vaporous and fleeting


I am



without reflection

in the mirrors

in the blue pools

of eyes that will not see me


I am


tlh 4/19/11