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April 20, 2012 “thoughts on my daughter’s birthday”


daughter to father

is sunrise in the gloaming

golden beam of light

morning glory awaking

as dew drops glisten

lavender breezes blowing

beneath a blue sky

soft sounds of songbirds singing

to the yellow sun

fields of wildflowers blooming

blossoms of laughter

gentle rain on verdant hills

sweet water of life

©tlh 4/20/12


January 24, 2012 “hushed” (on the passing of my mother)


(on the passing of my mother)


a light has gone out


the candle that glowed in the window

is burned down to grey smoke

spiriting toward heaven


the path darkened

the way unlit

the door is closed

and the chair empty

the hearth no longer warm

the blush faded from the rose


muted is love’s comforting voice

beneath folds of white

and soft closed eyes

laughter is hushed


in a brighter heaven

we are greater for knowing that star

the world lesser without it


tlh 1/24/11

October 13, 2010 “The Pearl”

My beautiful  daughter: The Pearl


For One Shot Wednesday

“the pearl”


see into my soul

my eyes will tell you who I am

if you catch the fleeting glimpse


see them watching

they will know you

look through you

they will undo you


my eyes reflect my heart

my eyes will tell you who I am

I am youth

I am strength

I am beauty

I am pure

I am the pearl…

what will your eyes reveal?


©tlh 10/13/10

Listen to this here:

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July 28, 2010


first puff of a cigarette
first draw from a pipe
how to thump a watermelon
to make sure it was ripe
first taste of whiskey
first sip of beer
Rye and rock candy
if my cold wouldn’t clear
first drink of milk
fresh from a cow
fondest of memories
as I look back on them now
first taste of chicken
killed in the yard
first chew of tobacco
man, that one was hard
as some folks would say
Pappaw to me
he liked it that way
sometimes in the summer
when school was all through
I’d go up to Pappaw’s
and stay for a few
days as his shadow
rising with the sun
“working” along side him
until “our” work was all done
early morning breakfasts
are my first memories it seems
me coming to him at the table
still lost in my dreams
we’d have fried eggs and bacon
and some good pone bread
he’d let me drink coffee
as he patted my head
to many firsts and breakfasts
to be recalled here
I’ve remembered so often
that my memories aren’t clear
the first time I saw him he was old
he was still old the last time we spoke
sun browned skin and dark gray hair
sharp blue eyes in a haze of cigarette smoke

He was 94 on the day he died…
I miss him sometimes.

©tlh 7/28/2010

July 26, 2010 “Thank You”

Today I take a moment to thank the following poet/bloggers.  Each of you has been coming often to my blog,  taking time to read my meager offerings, and even make wonderfully kind comments (which I try to reply to, but I often miss one here and there).  In doing these things you both lend me a piece of your lives, and give me  incredible encouragement to keep practicing this art. I would have never thought I would write so much poetry until I got involved with all of you.  In particular… Thanks to Jingle for maintaining this community where I met each of you fine folks and many more.

A very special thanks to Amanda, a dear, dear friend, who gently nudged me into this fine group of poets and writers in the first place.

The following list is a wonderful group of talented poets and bloggers that everyone should visit.


Tracy H















Thank you all!

Just Say’n

June 30, 2010 “Happy Birthday, Dad”

June 30, 2010   “Happy Birthday, Dad”

Today is the 68th anniversary of the birth of my dad.  He’s been my dad for nearly 48 of those years.  He was born in 1942 while his five brothers were serving their country in World War II.
He has always been a good dad, and I’ve always had a “healthy” respect for him…I did my best, most of the time, to not get him too upset with me, it would not go well for me if I did.
Dad is a studier and a thinker.
He’s a fact checker…never too far from a dictionary.
He’s a planner.
He loves to travel, and has been pretty much everywhere you can drive to in North America.  I don’t know, but I’m sure he can tell you how many miles he and my mom have logged…
He’s also a meticulous note taker and journal keeper.
He has hundreds, maybe thousands, of photographs from all over North America…many of them are spectacular.
He taught me how to shoot straight (with a gun), how to hunt, fish, ride a bike, swim, throw, catch, set up a camp, light a fire…the list goes on and on, he is, after all, my dad.
He took my siblings and me on summer vacations every year that I can remember until I was an adult.
He is a man of faith.
He has great integrity.
He is dependable, and prompt to a fault.
He laughs at us and with us.
He’s always there for all of us.
He loves all three of his children, his three grandchildren, and, of course, my mom.
We all love him too.
My Dad has been an all around good guy for 68 years today…
I wish with all of my heart for 68 more.


Just Say’n

I listened to lots of songs in order to find the right one; some were very touching and tearful, but, even though it’s silly and juvenile, this one sums it up pretty well…

June 20, 2010 “Dad’s Day”

June 20, 2010   “Dad’s Day”

It’s Father’s Day, but I’m a Dad.  My father has been my Dad all my life; he has always just been…Dad, except when I was hurt or sick, then he was Daddy.  My Dad is the one I have always looked to for guidance and support, and he has never failed.  My Dad taught me honesty and hard work.  He has shown me patience, mercy, and faith.  He has always loved me and been there when I called…every time.  He brought me up in a good way…he Loved me.  He always encouraged me to be me; to make my own decisions, and he supported me in them.  But, what I thank him for most of all…he taught me how to be a Dad too.
I am my daughter’s Dad, always have been.  My head looks up and my chest swells when I hear Traci call me Dad. I don’t often well with tears, but it’s okay for Dads to cry, because when she says…Dad, it means only one person in the world…Me!  She makes me a Dad, and a damned proud one!  She will always call me Dad, I hope, and for the same reasons I will always call Kenneth Harris…Dad.

I love my Dad.
I love my Daughter.
I love being a Son.
I love being a Dad.

Just Say’n