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January 18, 2011 “cold mountain”

(for Sam and Donna)


“cold mountain”


wind driven snow chills

heart-fires warming from within

winter homecoming


©tlh 1/18/11


September 27, 2010 “Ancient Voices”

For Poetry Potluck

“Ancient Voices”

the soft snow

falls without sound

as footprints are etched

upon ancient ground

where lovers once met

their vows here to make

and swear that love

never to forsake


to myriad voices

of ages gone by

telling secrets of old

to those who come nigh

sweet whispers of love

soft moans of tragedy

fleeting moments of joy

of lovers in effigy

buried together

beneath scarlet snow

in eternal embrace

and death’s pale glow

©AvdL and tlh 2010

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Thanks, Red

Amanda van der Linde  (Buttercup 600) and I have entered into a duel poetry challenge and this is the resulting poem.

It has been a privilege working with such creative talent. Thanks, Red ♥

We have written this for Monday Potluck at Jingle Poetry.

Please do visit these sites to read the other amazing creative offerings.

Poetry Awards

I am remiss. I had forgotten to post these awards that I was so graciously given, so let me do that now, and say…”Thank You!” to each of you, and in particular to Jingle, who, as we all know…ROCKS!  🙂

The Perfect Poet Award

The Perfect Poet Award Week 25

Sunday 160 by Janessa

The Sunday 160 from Monkey Man

The breeze catches my nose and
leaves in twirl are dancing to
the rhythm of my heart
that’s overflowing with a moment
and a breath of life
that finally

by JL

August 27, 2010 “Coming Back To Life”

Friday is my day off from writing, so I offer you this song/poem by David Gilmour.

I was going through a very difficult time a few years ago and this song was both inspirational and comforting to me, as I hope it will be to some of you. I promise it will be 6 1/2 minutes well spent.

This is for you, Angel…

“Coming Back To Life”

where were you
when I was burned and broken
while the days slipped by
from my window watching
where were you
when I was hurt
and I was helpless
because the things you say
and the things you do
surround me
while you were hanging yourself
on someone elses words
dying to believe in what you heard
I was staring straight
into the shining sun
lost in thought
and lost in time
while the seeds of life
and the seeds of change
were planted
outside the rain
fell dark and slow
while I pondered on
this dangerous but irresistible pastime
I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
for killing the past
and coming back to life

I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
and headed straight…into the shining sun

(All words by David Gilmour)

(The song “Coming Back To Life” is the property of Pink Floyd)

(Video courtesy of freemanslim)

August 16, 2010 “everything”

I’m proud to have been awarded the

Perfect Poet Award

I posted this earlier, but I didn’t do it correctly

so now I post it again to get it right.

Thanks to Jingle

and to the ones who nominated me.

In turn, I nominate


for some of the purest poetry out there.




all she needs is a touch
your hand on the small of her back
as she goes through a door
really nothing more

all she wants is a glance
when she looks over her shoulder
to know you’re watching her walk away
just your eyes every day

all she needs is a hug
to feel those strong arms of yours
wrapped around her gentle and tight
just like that and she’s alright

all she wants is kisses
little butterfly wing brushes
across her cheeks and on her lips
not the full glass…just sips

all she needs is a word
to hear kindness in the sound of your voice
whispers in her ear saying, I Love You
it only takes a few

all she needs, nothing more
to know you truly Love her
to know in her heart that you are hers
but give her what she deserves



©tlh   8/16/2010

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August 13, 2010 “Perfect Poet”

I don’t know about perfect, but…Thank You for this award among such a fine and respected group of peers.  I’m proud to post it here.

The Perfect Poet Award

Thanks Jingle, YOU ROCK!

Tracy H