My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


September 19, 2015 – a common man considers the night

“a common man considers the night”


a black sky chasing azure sunset into a flaming horizon

crescent moon pearlescent in that velvet night

like the fingernail of a god tracing an arching course

etching away bits of heavenly ether

revealing stars in their orbs

glimmering diamonds just out of reach

©tlh 9/19/2015


“at sunrise” April 20, 2014

at sunrise



darkness deep

beyond grave

death unyielding

behind stone

silence eternal

voiceless world

stepped forth


©tlh 4/20/2014

the curious barber – April 7, 2014

“the curious barber”


before the first worm is found

by the earliest bird

in his tiny shop the barber sits


perched high on his chair

legs crossed behind a billowing newspaper

stretched on yardarms

like a black-striped sail

taut with winds of change

carrying the curious barber

across illumined waters

-which only hours ago

were passing under a bridge-

through the teeming sea

of human life

into a dawning day




January 28, 2014 “a warm blanket”

a warm blanket


snowy snowy night

falling flakes

floating through the frigid air

a blanket slowly settles

softly o’er the shadowy land

lying silent neath a moonless sky

a peacefulness to warm the frozen soul

©tlh 1/28/13

September 5, 2012 “born a Southerner”

born a Southerner”


it’s one of those evenings

thick, heavy, nearly liquid

familiar in the south

to folks down here

lying languid beneath magnolia and mimosa blossoms

and a colorless low hanging sky

straining with distant thunder to release cooling rain

a handful of drops at a time

scattered by a teasing breeze

a yellow moon and steam

rises off still warm fields and tarred gravel roads

the din of a million jarflies drowns the song

of the mockingbird and the whippoorwill

the phwup, phwup, phwup of a back-porch ceiling fan

offers relief

not from heat

but from night bugs

I crunch another ice cube

it melts on my tongue

I’m at peace

and thankful

to be born a Southerner

©tlh 9/4/2012

July 7, 2012 “june bug”

 “june bug”


june bug buzzing to and fro and to

like he’s wandering crazy without a clue

of where he’s going or what to do

when he arrives

if he does keep his buzz

buzzing and that hum humming

as he circles and dives

risking the lives of himself and the others

his june bug brothers

bumbling and tumbling

in the humbling heat of southern july

the june bug dodges through wavering mirages

in a constant veer

a wild career

staying right side up out of the grass

and out ahead

of a lad or lass with nimble fingers

and a length of thread

©tlh 7/7/2012




March 20, 2012 “evening”



as I reclined on the porch

watching the mountains

relax from green into purple

evening sidled up on a gentle breeze

wearing pale coral and azure

with the fragrance of springtime


she softly slipped into the old chair next to me

left vacant by the setting sun

in the heat of day

she breathed a quiet sigh

of feathery clouds

and cherry blossom


we sat for a while in silence

contented to listen

to a mockingbird wooing his love

and a chorus of spring peepers

serenading down by the creek

we spoke not a word in our peaceful repose


serenely as she arrived

she arose to leave

as she went she asked

shall I get the lights?”

I nodded sleepily

night fell to the rising moon

I slept


tlh 3/20/12