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May 29, 2011 “little gods”

“little gods”


the liars and criers

cross their fingers

as they weep the currency

of carefully counted tears

into the tin cups

of broke down beggars

or brokenhearted lovers

just the same

it’s all a game

of who’s to blame

as the moment nears

when the truth appears


condescenders and pretenders

patronizing from their ivory towers

hidden in bowers

of plenitudes, attitudes

and platitudes

self-congratulations and adulations

irreproachable and unapproachable


because they say so

who am I to question the unquestionable


 the self-appointed gods of piety

and pompous propriety

who surround themselves with themselves

in other clothes

offering themselves on the altar of repose

with no room on their garments

to pin another rose


 all the while

hearts and men lie bleeding

as lives and loves die needing

to be


by unseeing eyes


by unhearing ears


by uncounted tears

of little gods

created from their own conceit

while brokenhearted beggars

worship and dine at their feet

they exasperate and pontificate

over which wine is best served with the meat

©tlh 5/29/11


November 24, 2010 “Thanksgiving Day”

“Thanksgiving Day”


Be thankful

that’s what it’s all about, we try to attain

the state of mind , we seek to obtain

on this Thanksgiving Day


Thank you

is easily said or thought at the least

as we stand at the head of a bounteous feast

on this Thanksgiving Day



in a land of plenty is well understood

but it slips our minds more often than it should

on this Thanksgiving Day


To know true Thankfulness

is to find the peace to lift empty hands

at the head of a barren table in a desolate land

and say…Thank You

on this Thanksgiving Day


©tlh 11/24/10

To each of my friends across this small world,

whether you’re American or not,

I wish the happiest and most blessed

Thanksgiving Day

Sincerely, Tracy Harris








October 29, 2010 “only one and one only”

“only one and one only”


no substitute for air

to give me breath


no proxy for water

to quench my thirst


no surrogate for sunshine

to light my day


no alternate for blood

to quicken my heart


no locum tenens

no succedaneum


simply nothing


to replace





©tlh 10/29/10

October 14, 2010 “storms of a lesser god”

“storms of a lesser god”


an inescapable deluge

of chaotic heartache and pain

ascending from the deep

on crashing waves

heaving up black water

of long lost ships

and longer lost souls

the flotsam and jetsam

of broken wills

and battered hearts

scattered and driven

by stinging winds of storms

of some lesser god’s making

dashing her floundering bark

upon the craggy, knife-edged rocks

of sad reality and realization

fear of drowning and death

in the struggle

for life

to regain her breath

determined to swim

to that distant shore

with dignity and self

nothing more

letting the storm have

ships, souls, wills, and pain

to drag to the deep

and grind to sand…


silently she walks across the sandy shore

of a new life

her back to the raging storms

her face to the rising sun



©tlh 10/14/10

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October 13, 2010 “The Pearl”

My beautiful  daughter: The Pearl


For One Shot Wednesday

“the pearl”


see into my soul

my eyes will tell you who I am

if you catch the fleeting glimpse


see them watching

they will know you

look through you

they will undo you


my eyes reflect my heart

my eyes will tell you who I am

I am youth

I am strength

I am beauty

I am pure

I am the pearl…

what will your eyes reveal?


©tlh 10/13/10

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September 16, 2010 “morning, love”

(My first Etheree)

“morning, love”

come and walk with me in the morning sun

bathe with me in the golden glowing

sparkling dewy droplets flowing

from pretty morning flowers

sleeping petals winking

in sunlight blinking

sweetly drinking

all the love

as we


©tlh 9/16/2010

(Image courtesy of artist)

Thank you, Red

The Perfect Poet Award

The Perfect Poet Awards

I am honored to accept the Perfect Poet award from JINGLE for weeks 26,27,and 28

and nominate  dcwright02 🙂

Thanks Ji, for all you do in the community, without you we cannot be here, and I want you to know that I really appreciate all you do.

I also want to thank each and every one of you who has honored me with an award.

I have been very busy lately and have not posted all of them but know that I truly

appreciate all the warmth and love received from you. Your support and

love means more than words can say. Thank you to every one of you.

September 15, 2010 “side by side”

This is for One Shot Wednesday

I shot the photo, and liked it, so I challenged myself to write with it as my theme.

I encourage others to join me if they would like.

Just link or tag or whatever it is back to me so I can read them. 🙂

“side by side”

they met in the market

making small talk

neither thought

neither dreamed

but as it turned out

things were not

as they seemed


for little did they know

as they parted

they were fate’s

neither knew

they were meant to be


one from two


but he had caught her eye

her heart followed

he was hers

they were one

forever mated

for all time

not alone


his touch comforted her

she calmed his mind

as time passed

love their tide

they traveled the world

hand in hand

side by side

©tlh 9/15/2010

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(Photo by tlh)