My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


June 1, 2012 “flood”


June 1, 2012 “flood”



from a thousand places

a storm traces its way into a river

heavy clouds of darkness bursting

weeping torrents


pieces of lives and lives in pieces

torn and tumbling between the groaning banks

to be thrown back into the boiling fray

water rushing under too many bridges

in time

soon lost and too far away

in the turmoil flowing



while life stands still in the rain

©tlh 6/1/12


March 20, 2012 “evening”



as I reclined on the porch

watching the mountains

relax from green into purple

evening sidled up on a gentle breeze

wearing pale coral and azure

with the fragrance of springtime


she softly slipped into the old chair next to me

left vacant by the setting sun

in the heat of day

she breathed a quiet sigh

of feathery clouds

and cherry blossom


we sat for a while in silence

contented to listen

to a mockingbird wooing his love

and a chorus of spring peepers

serenading down by the creek

we spoke not a word in our peaceful repose


serenely as she arrived

she arose to leave

as she went she asked

shall I get the lights?”

I nodded sleepily

night fell to the rising moon

I slept


tlh 3/20/12

January 17, 2011 “winter’s reign”

“winter’s reign”


cold gray

bleeds from a lurid sky


over boney skeletons of black trees


in murky pools of dead earth

and winter’s reign

tlh 1/17/11


January 12, 2012 “winter” Haiku

“winter” Haiku

howling wind spits snow
gnawing at hard frozen bones
ravenous winter

tlh 1/12/12

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December 30, 2011 “new day”

“new day”

let the dying year pass

give no more thought

to its bitterness and pain

it cannot be relived

only remembered

let go its scarred memories like tears

weeping away from eyes of the hopeful

to the promise of a new day

tlh 12/30/11

December 25, 2011 “Christmas”



Footsteps trodden upon new fallen snow

make no sound at all

not a whisper in the hush

that blankets tree and field

mountain and valley

hamlet and home

as midnight gates swing silently open

candlelit window sills cast a faint glow on downy paths

lighting the way for Christmas

tlh 12/25/11

December 11, 2011 “star-crossed”



today I chased the westering sun

to see him set once more

in a blazing sky and watch him race

to rise on a distant shore

to warm a face in twilight waiting

as he ascends the dawning day

to shed his light on a star-crossed lover

and drive the shadows away

but the racing sun outraced me

and slipped silently out of sight

to leave me in the lonesome shadows

of a star-crossed silent night

tlh 12/11/11