My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


October 21, 2011 “autumn rain”

“autumn rain”

trees under an autumn rain

flowing out from a foggy mountain

in pleated ridges and hollows

shedding their rusting leaves

like flecks of burnt orange and gold

copper toned reflections of the past

and places I remember

when the sun shone bright in a careless blue sky

above the verdant summer of life

when living was easy under the shade of trees

that were there long before my birth

and will remain

long after the last rusting leaf is shed

to another autumn rain

©tlh 10/21/11

photo by tlh


July 4, 2011 “mountain honey”



“mountain honey”


  strong and sweet like her

golden soul of the mountains

wildflower honey


©tlh 7/4/11

photo: tlh


March 11, 2011 “Fall Sunset”

photo by tlh

January 24, 2011 “photos”

When I look to the West on evenings like this, I want to chase that fleeting sun.


(the header photo is of my sister’s house on Christmas day 2010)

December 5, 2010 “her kiss”

“her kiss”


the letter she wrote

is sealed with a kiss

her red lips kissed the paper

and kissed my love-sick heart

my longing eyes

have pored so often

over the loving note

that the words are worn

and the page is falling apart

but like a favorite quilt

on a cold winter night

the words comfort me

and the lips that kissed the paper

warm my lonesome heart


©tlh 12/5/10


December 3, 2010 “snow kissed”

snow kissed”



take a walk with me in the snow

across the soft blanket of quiet snow

and listen with me to the hush

that has settled in the valley

on the cedar and pine

and rested in my heart

for I know you are mine

as we walk hand in hand

in the pure white glistening snow


kiss me among the fluttering flakes

falling feathers from angel’s wings

that tickle our smiling faces

leaving behind traces

of silver trickling across the spaces

that no longer exist between us

the melted crystalline passion of our lips

kissing in the shadowless glow

tasting the sweetness of love…and new-fallen snow


©tlh 12/2/10

November 13, 2010 “iron heart”


“iron heart”


rusted iron heart

of a rusted iron man

turned to dust

in the steely chest

of his faceless form

rusted away

a slow decay

through salty years

of raindrop tears

without the love

of his iron maiden


©tlh 11/13/10

(Photo by tlh)