My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


x-mas eve 12/24/14

x-mas eve













grabbing and stabbing

at turkeys and tools

at bikes for tykes

just something she likes

a card that sings

for watches and rings

and sparkly things

for any and all

they have on their list

plus baubles and kitsch

for the ones who got missed

tempers and tantrums

as religion is lost

buying on credit

never counting the cost





to get through the line

on out of the store

a mad rush home

to crash through the door

throw down the bags

and flop in your seat

for x-mas eve dinner

is ready to eat…

but a glance out the window

on a clear winter’s night

a star in the east

shines forth its light

on a stable and a manger

a newborn babe lies

waiting to be remembered




rainy day – October 10, 2014

on a tin roof
a thousand distant voices lauding 
a cheering throng echoing
in this misty gray arena
urging me to victory
to the prize



January 28, 2014 “a warm blanket”

a warm blanket


snowy snowy night

falling flakes

floating through the frigid air

a blanket slowly settles

softly o’er the shadowy land

lying silent neath a moonless sky

a peacefulness to warm the frozen soul

©tlh 1/28/13

June 16, 2013 “waking day”

“waking day”


sounds of sunlight

blending with whispering trees

bending to a laughing breeze

yawning flowers

gently nudge sleepy morning

from twilight slumber

their fragrant voices

diamond starbursts

dancing from dew drops

to a lilting tune

and the song of waking day

©tlh 6/16/13

October 1, 2012 “gold”

October 1, 2012 “gold”


silhouettes of crows cawing

at the hunting hawk

scattering songbirds from thistle and bush

into the blue sky of autumn

gold autumn

crisp, sharp, gold, autumn

the westing sun flows gold

to the edges of the valley

shimmering trees of gold

leaves, glittering flecks of gold

in silence break free from bowing branches

casting themselves gently upon a river

reflections of gold mountains

and trees and leaves

and air painted gold by the sun

the distant crow caws

at the hunting hawk

the blue sky

the gold earth

and autumn

©tlh 10/1/12

September 5, 2012 “born a Southerner”

born a Southerner”


it’s one of those evenings

thick, heavy, nearly liquid

familiar in the south

to folks down here

lying languid beneath magnolia and mimosa blossoms

and a colorless low hanging sky

straining with distant thunder to release cooling rain

a handful of drops at a time

scattered by a teasing breeze

a yellow moon and steam

rises off still warm fields and tarred gravel roads

the din of a million jarflies drowns the song

of the mockingbird and the whippoorwill

the phwup, phwup, phwup of a back-porch ceiling fan

offers relief

not from heat

but from night bugs

I crunch another ice cube

it melts on my tongue

I’m at peace

and thankful

to be born a Southerner

©tlh 9/4/2012

August 8, 2012 “pencils and pens”


pencils and pens

standing on ends

some down

some up

in an old pewter cup

leads are broken and dull

ink leaked and dried

like forgotten flowers

petalless in a vase

stems all askew and aside

neglected poems and letters

love stories untold

unwritten beginnings and ends

left in a cupful of pencils and pens

© tlh 8/8/2012