My Irritations, Aggravations and Inspirations


x-mas eve 12/24/14

x-mas eve













grabbing and stabbing

at turkeys and tools

at bikes for tykes

just something she likes

a card that sings

for watches and rings

and sparkly things

for any and all

they have on their list

plus baubles and kitsch

for the ones who got missed

tempers and tantrums

as religion is lost

buying on credit

never counting the cost





to get through the line

on out of the store

a mad rush home

to crash through the door

throw down the bags

and flop in your seat

for x-mas eve dinner

is ready to eat…

but a glance out the window

on a clear winter’s night

a star in the east

shines forth its light

on a stable and a manger

a newborn babe lies

waiting to be remembered




August 23, 2010 “continuum”


how do I feel you
as if part of you is with me
like a cosmos time traveler
into the future
I met you
I loved you
now I’m here
we’re here in this time
together, apart
but you are my future
at the same time
my past
our present
lies in the future
where we’re together
when we are at last
bound by our own gravity
building our past
into our future
and I feel you
when our lips meet
in that singularity
the universe stands still
we are one

©tlh   8/23/2010

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Thank you, Red

August 5, 2010 “Just for Fun”

“Laughing Buddha”

He stands among my books
with that smile on his face
up there on the shelf
without considering self,
Fat Buddha.

For nigh two score years
he’s been grinning there
his palms to the sun
the enlightened one,

We’ve never spoken, not one word
but through thick and thin
he was there with me
seeking bodhi,

I forget him sometimes
and he just smiles
as if he’s looking at heaven
and he’s one of the seven,
Laughing Buddha.

©tlh   8/5/2010

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July 30, 2010


if my heart
is this heart
that beats in my breast
I would
I had the power
to tear it from my chest
and toss it to the winds
as far as east is from the west
for as it beats I live
as I live, I die
not a life a hero can save
not a death dying for a grave
but the death of my soul
for the life that I crave
cast it to the clouds
for some blind fool to find
who cannot feel
the pain it left behind
who cannot see
the love scars so unkind
this aching, breaking heart of mine
this griever
this constant deceiver
loveless receiver
eternal believer…

It feels so warm in my slippery hand…

©tlh  7/30/2010

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Thanks Red

July 23, 2010 “Elements”


is a capricious breeze that whistles through
upsetting papers and knocking off the dust
making all feel fresh and new

is the trade winds; constant and steady
carrying precious cargo through the doldrums
gentle, but strong and ever ready

is a mountain stream; always rushing past
tumbling effortlessly over every stone
washing away all that isn’t anchored fast

is a mighty river; big, dark, murky, and slow
but continuous, wide, meandering along
deep and powerful in his flooding flow

is a mountain range; sharp peaks reaching for the sky
forbidding, stark, and beautiful, difficult to navigate
but worth every step for one willing to try

is rolling foothills; gently rising to meet the sun
robed in peaceful verdant forest, an easy trek
hidden valleys, cool breezes when the day is done

is a flame; that drives away the chill, a small flickering fire
suddenly raging across a plain consuming any in it’s path
an inferno or a tea light whatever her heart’s desire

is burning embers; smoldering, under gray and black
ready to flame into the darkness at the slightest breath
and rekindle flames to bring the warming fire back

are elements; wind, water, earth, and fire
together in perfect balance… In Love

tlh 7/23/10

(Photo owned by artist)

Thanks Red

July 19, 2010 “Foundations”


When two people realize that things are rarely perfect; that relationships require faith and trust in each other, and when the two let go of pride, and each puts their everything into the hands of the other, there exists the potential for a Love that transcends time and distance.  They allow Love to grow, for they know that…

“Love suffereth long, and is kind
Love envieth not
Love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up
Doth not behave itself unseemly
Seeketh not its own
Is not provoked
Taketh not account of evil
Rejoiceth not in unrighteousness
But rejoiceth with the truth
Beareth all things
Believeth all things
Hopeth all things
Endureth all things
Love never faileth”

1 Corinthians 13

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