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rainy day – October 10, 2014

on a tin roof
a thousand distant voices lauding 
a cheering throng echoing
in this misty gray arena
urging me to victory
to the prize




October 1, 2012 “gold”

October 1, 2012 “gold”


silhouettes of crows cawing

at the hunting hawk

scattering songbirds from thistle and bush

into the blue sky of autumn

gold autumn

crisp, sharp, gold, autumn

the westing sun flows gold

to the edges of the valley

shimmering trees of gold

leaves, glittering flecks of gold

in silence break free from bowing branches

casting themselves gently upon a river

reflections of gold mountains

and trees and leaves

and air painted gold by the sun

the distant crow caws

at the hunting hawk

the blue sky

the gold earth

and autumn

©tlh 10/1/12

October 21, 2011 “autumn rain”

“autumn rain”

trees under an autumn rain

flowing out from a foggy mountain

in pleated ridges and hollows

shedding their rusting leaves

like flecks of burnt orange and gold

copper toned reflections of the past

and places I remember

when the sun shone bright in a careless blue sky

above the verdant summer of life

when living was easy under the shade of trees

that were there long before my birth

and will remain

long after the last rusting leaf is shed

to another autumn rain

©tlh 10/21/11

photo by tlh

September 10, 2011 “transition”


arid summer rides

parched whirlwinds into September

as clouds of dusty red clay settle

under a cloudless sky

on yellowed tobacco leaves sweltering

in thirsty furrows of farmers’ fields

upon the backs of black cattle sweating

belly deep in a muddy pond

their wet black tails swishing

swatting at swarms of harrowing flies

the cavalier sun sailing

across the clear blue sea above

his infernal eye blazing

a golden path for autumn

©tlh 9/10/2011

November 23, 2010 “impressions”



November rain falls from sagging clouds

crawling like smoke

across the cold landscape of late Autumn

obscuring mountain tops in a misty chill

permeating the bones of the earth and man

the valleys flowing with a silent fog

in remnants and shreds

that drag and catch in the knotty fingers

of a lone, gray tree

its bare gnarled hand clawing at the invisible sky

from a monotone field the dim dreary haze

creeps across a rain blackened fence row

and through the rickety slats of an ethereal red barn

to my window

the wet glass rendering the scene

like a sunless vision of Monet

I shiver behind the foggy frame

as I turn to search for a blanket


©tlh 11/23/10





October 19, 2010 “Fall Photos”

This is a video look at some recent photos I shot not too far from my home. I hope you find this is 4 minutes well spent, at least the music is good 🙂

Fall Photos From Home

September 12, 2010 “A Mountain Memory”

for Poetry Potluck

“A Mountain Memory”

Do you remember holding my hand

down by the lake

in the fall of the year

under the willow,

where often we would go and stand?;

just down a ways from the cabin there

on the mountain,

where we would spend our days

in lover’s embrace…

soft september grass in your hair.

All wrapped up in yellow, gold, and red,

the two of us,

infinitely in love

under the willow

on Mother Nature’s Autumn bed.

©tlh 9/12/2010

Listen to this here: