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January 12, 2012 “winter” Haiku

“winter” Haiku

howling wind spits snow
gnawing at hard frozen bones
ravenous winter

tlh 1/12/12

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November 20, 2011 “frost”



rooftop and fence

fodder shocks and haystacks

well house and chicken coop

a weathered barn,

the front half of a broke down red tractor

lolling crookedly from its shadowy maw

a rusted out old truck

held fast in its place by

tangled generations of

dormant honeysuckle vines

and a concertina of blackberry thorns

wintering grass like a carpet

gently rolling down to a Sycamore tree

its whitewashed medusan limbs

stark against an orange-tinted azure sky

all lay frozen

 beneath a thick blanket

of sparkling crystalline frost

a landscape in etched glass

cold morning breaks silent and still

save for the slow swirl of the grayish river

slipping stiffly between its frosted banks

releasing whispering white ghosts of fog

to lightly dance into the frigid air

tlh 11/19/11