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January 24, 2012 “hushed” (on the passing of my mother)


(on the passing of my mother)


a light has gone out


the candle that glowed in the window

is burned down to grey smoke

spiriting toward heaven


the path darkened

the way unlit

the door is closed

and the chair empty

the hearth no longer warm

the blush faded from the rose


muted is love’s comforting voice

beneath folds of white

and soft closed eyes

laughter is hushed


in a brighter heaven

we are greater for knowing that star

the world lesser without it


tlh 1/24/11


January 17, 2011 “winter’s reign”

“winter’s reign”


cold gray

bleeds from a lurid sky


over boney skeletons of black trees


in murky pools of dead earth

and winter’s reign

tlh 1/17/11


October 21, 2011 “autumn rain”

“autumn rain”

trees under an autumn rain

flowing out from a foggy mountain

in pleated ridges and hollows

shedding their rusting leaves

like flecks of burnt orange and gold

copper toned reflections of the past

and places I remember

when the sun shone bright in a careless blue sky

above the verdant summer of life

when living was easy under the shade of trees

that were there long before my birth

and will remain

long after the last rusting leaf is shed

to another autumn rain

©tlh 10/21/11

photo by tlh

August 28, 2011 “a dozen nails in a coffin”


“a dozen nails in a coffin”


stolen by indifference


forfeited to gratification


to ambiguity


to avarice


given to doubt


to ambivalence


sacrificed for convenience


swallowed by fear


bartered by yesterdays


lost in pride


exchanged for existence


faded to nothingness


is death

©tlh 8/28/11

June 15, 2011 “grave circumstances”



“grave circumstances”


going down to rise no more

time is at hand

scratching at the back door

just as well not at the front

not guest nor visitor

but a thief

the chariot swinging low

on the horizon of a setting sun

my course nearly finished

and my race run

sinking slow

the chariot low

and fiery red

green grass will be my cover

cold black earth my bed

weeping silence

trickles through ancient stones

slowly chilling mortal bones

sounds of tramping hooves

the fading rumble of chariot wheels

the acrid breath of a pale horse

with Hell snapping at its heels

I have no angel

and the horseman is on the hunt

©tlh 6/15/11

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