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February 18, 2011 “evening swim”




“evening swim”


hot cinnamon kisses

like candy


honey dripping

from lips


my hands on her hips

swaying to the rhythm of

‘Brown Eyed Girl”

back and forth

close dancing

by a blue pool

her eyes

fixed on mine

blue green

as we dance


hot summer breezes


the fragrance of lilies

and she tastes like cinnamon

as we step into the pool

for an evening swim


©tlh 2/18/11

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December 3, 2010 “snow kissed”

snow kissed”



take a walk with me in the snow

across the soft blanket of quiet snow

and listen with me to the hush

that has settled in the valley

on the cedar and pine

and rested in my heart

for I know you are mine

as we walk hand in hand

in the pure white glistening snow


kiss me among the fluttering flakes

falling feathers from angel’s wings

that tickle our smiling faces

leaving behind traces

of silver trickling across the spaces

that no longer exist between us

the melted crystalline passion of our lips

kissing in the shadowless glow

tasting the sweetness of love…and new-fallen snow


©tlh 12/2/10

August 28, 2010 “snow kisses”

“snow kisses”

snow falls from the grey
blankets the misty mountain
in its frosty cloak

ice-cold hands reaching
across grey water spanning
to escape winter’s chilling

snowflake and river
meld silently when they meet
like lovers’ first kiss

breath hangs as a cloud
between two smiling faces
snowflake and river

©tlh   8/28/2010

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(Photo by Tracy H)

August 10, 2010 “ten kisses”

“ten kisses”

Covers are warm
in the morning sun,
kiss me.

Walk close by
when the day is begun,
kiss me.

Stop what you’re doing
and step over here,
kiss me.

Close your eyes
as I nibble your ear,
kiss me.

When evening sets
and the breeze is cool,
kiss me.

When I’m lost in you
and staring like a fool,
kiss me.

If the music is soft
on the dance floor,
kiss me.

As I fumble for keys
to unlock the door,
kiss me.

At the end of the day
when all’s done and said,
kiss me.

As I turn out the light
and take you to bed,
kiss me.

I’ll always kiss you back…

©tlh   8/10/2010

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Thank you, Red

August 6, 2010

“first kiss”

heartbeat syncopation
eyes met
a deep breath
controlled exhale
through pursed lips
only to calm
sweating palm
eyes still locked
stepping closer
pulled by heart strings
driven by desire
time standing still
future flashes forward
hers for the taking
soul mates making
his for the taking
foundations quaking
being reborn
all else forsaking
insides churning
fires burning
two lives turning
melting into one
moving in a dream
closer to reality
electrified mind
wants to scream
but the words
must wait
this moment is fate
the flowing stream
on the cheeks
are the tears
for the years
of waiting
for what’s next
the soft brush
of ecstasy
the taste
of lips
his and hers
the pressure
the wetness
the knowing
for each
with no doubt
it’s the last
first kiss.

©tlh   8/6/2010

(Photo courtesy of artist)

Thank You, Red

July 25, 2010


It’s it that does it for her.
It’s the it that makes her heart purr.
Sometimes she’s demure as she looks for the cure.
When she sees it she wants it,
she needs it,
her burning heart bleeds it…
this it that does her so well.
It’s not all that hard to tell
what she’s thinking…just look in her eyes
as she rises to him and sighs;
her lips dripping love as they kiss.
The it that does it is…

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tlh+1  7/24/2010