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July 7, 2012 “june bug”

 “june bug”


june bug buzzing to and fro and to

like he’s wandering crazy without a clue

of where he’s going or what to do

when he arrives

if he does keep his buzz

buzzing and that hum humming

as he circles and dives

risking the lives of himself and the others

his june bug brothers

bumbling and tumbling

in the humbling heat of southern july

the june bug dodges through wavering mirages

in a constant veer

a wild career

staying right side up out of the grass

and out ahead

of a lad or lass with nimble fingers

and a length of thread

©tlh 7/7/2012





April 20, 2012 “thoughts on my daughter’s birthday”


daughter to father

is sunrise in the gloaming

golden beam of light

morning glory awaking

as dew drops glisten

lavender breezes blowing

beneath a blue sky

soft sounds of songbirds singing

to the yellow sun

fields of wildflowers blooming

blossoms of laughter

gentle rain on verdant hills

sweet water of life

©tlh 4/20/12

September 17, 2011 “a thought on clouds”

a thought on clouds”



crowded upon the firmament

of an angry sky

a herd of fat gray beasts

rank upon rank

vying for position

dark and dismal

somber and severe

sagging, heavy bellies

pregnant with water of life

travailing in labor

giving birth to a deluge…

precious rain is born unto the earth

some from violent storms

some from peaceful showers

some for rivers and the sea

some for flowers and fields

some for floods

some for the thirsty

or puddles or birdbaths

some to wash a dusty traveler

or blood from a battlefield

or tears

some to dance or sing

or make love in

some for rainbows

and snowmen

some to tickle the faces of fascinated children

then out comes the sun

and all return whence they came

to again become


 ©tlh 9/17/2011

August 28, 2011 “a dozen nails in a coffin”


“a dozen nails in a coffin”


stolen by indifference


forfeited to gratification


to ambiguity


to avarice


given to doubt


to ambivalence


sacrificed for convenience


swallowed by fear


bartered by yesterdays


lost in pride


exchanged for existence


faded to nothingness


is death

©tlh 8/28/11

June 22, 2011 “soup on sunday afternoon”

soup on sunday afternoon”



sits at the table in a dream


snugly wrapped

against winter’s brrrrs

her face

behind a veil of steam

rising from a bowl of hot soup


sits opposite her with a gleam



his eyes steady on hers

his face

peers through her veil at a dream

as he asks if she’d like some more soup




and grins a knowing sheepish grin



and smiles a lazy loving smile



has more of his soup


has more of her


©tlh 6/22/11

June 19, 2011 “Virginia dreams…”

“Virginia dreams…”


I walked into the midst of a river

to feel the cleansing water flow

to lay upon it my pain

to let it take my fear

a smothering blanket of sorrow


 to cast upon its waters

what haunts my darkening soul

hidden prides and disappointments

unforgiven sins

that have taken a telling toll


 to somehow loose the stains

that have tarnished me too long

the stigmata and bruises

and like stones let them sink

to the bottom where they belong


 I lingered in the sparkling waters

in the wash of a relentless stream

I felt the water coursing

as I looked below the swirling surface

I knew it was only a dream


 for the longer I stood in the current

the more I saw what I did not wish to see

I felt only a bone-chilling cold

for the man I saw in reflections

was the same man who walked in with me


 when you find yourself standing by the water

if you think of me then you will know

in a sparkle, a splash, or a swirl

I gave myself freely to the river

and forever ride on the ebb and the flow

©tlh 6/19/11

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June 9, 2011 “honeysuckle”



slipping through green mountains

the silvery ribbon glides

like living smoke

misty morning softly rides

upon scintillating water

a thousand bubbling voices

trickling, tickling together

in cacophonous harmony

each singing its part

and part upon part

each instrument in perfect time

with the cooling flow

of a deepening rhyme

all to play the silent symphony

of the sleepy-eyed river

soothing past me

greeting the long rays

of golden sun reflection

the shimmering mirror

shows my lazy insurrection

bathed in sweet fragrances

of bluegrass

and yellow flowers


as if the gods were making breakfast

a single drop of nectar falls upon my lips

my eyes close

the music plays

I taste the honeysuckle

©tlh 6/9/11