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rainy day – October 10, 2014

on a tin roof
a thousand distant voices lauding 
a cheering throng echoing
in this misty gray arena
urging me to victory
to the prize




October 1, 2012 “gold”

October 1, 2012 “gold”


silhouettes of crows cawing

at the hunting hawk

scattering songbirds from thistle and bush

into the blue sky of autumn

gold autumn

crisp, sharp, gold, autumn

the westing sun flows gold

to the edges of the valley

shimmering trees of gold

leaves, glittering flecks of gold

in silence break free from bowing branches

casting themselves gently upon a river

reflections of gold mountains

and trees and leaves

and air painted gold by the sun

the distant crow caws

at the hunting hawk

the blue sky

the gold earth

and autumn

©tlh 10/1/12

August 8, 2012 “pencils and pens”


pencils and pens

standing on ends

some down

some up

in an old pewter cup

leads are broken and dull

ink leaked and dried

like forgotten flowers

petalless in a vase

stems all askew and aside

neglected poems and letters

love stories untold

unwritten beginnings and ends

left in a cupful of pencils and pens

© tlh 8/8/2012

January 17, 2011 “winter’s reign”

“winter’s reign”


cold gray

bleeds from a lurid sky


over boney skeletons of black trees


in murky pools of dead earth

and winter’s reign

tlh 1/17/11


September 10, 2011 “transition”


arid summer rides

parched whirlwinds into September

as clouds of dusty red clay settle

under a cloudless sky

on yellowed tobacco leaves sweltering

in thirsty furrows of farmers’ fields

upon the backs of black cattle sweating

belly deep in a muddy pond

their wet black tails swishing

swatting at swarms of harrowing flies

the cavalier sun sailing

across the clear blue sea above

his infernal eye blazing

a golden path for autumn

©tlh 9/10/2011

June 22, 2011 “soup on sunday afternoon”

soup on sunday afternoon”



sits at the table in a dream


snugly wrapped

against winter’s brrrrs

her face

behind a veil of steam

rising from a bowl of hot soup


sits opposite her with a gleam



his eyes steady on hers

his face

peers through her veil at a dream

as he asks if she’d like some more soup




and grins a knowing sheepish grin



and smiles a lazy loving smile



has more of his soup


has more of her


©tlh 6/22/11

June 19, 2011 “Virginia dreams…”

“Virginia dreams…”


I walked into the midst of a river

to feel the cleansing water flow

to lay upon it my pain

to let it take my fear

a smothering blanket of sorrow


 to cast upon its waters

what haunts my darkening soul

hidden prides and disappointments

unforgiven sins

that have taken a telling toll


 to somehow loose the stains

that have tarnished me too long

the stigmata and bruises

and like stones let them sink

to the bottom where they belong


 I lingered in the sparkling waters

in the wash of a relentless stream

I felt the water coursing

as I looked below the swirling surface

I knew it was only a dream


 for the longer I stood in the current

the more I saw what I did not wish to see

I felt only a bone-chilling cold

for the man I saw in reflections

was the same man who walked in with me


 when you find yourself standing by the water

if you think of me then you will know

in a sparkle, a splash, or a swirl

I gave myself freely to the river

and forever ride on the ebb and the flow

©tlh 6/19/11

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