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rainy day – October 10, 2014

on a tin roof
a thousand distant voices lauding 
a cheering throng echoing
in this misty gray arena
urging me to victory
to the prize




January 17, 2011 “winter’s reign”

“winter’s reign”


cold gray

bleeds from a lurid sky


over boney skeletons of black trees


in murky pools of dead earth

and winter’s reign

tlh 1/17/11


December 7, 2011 “freedom”



the river is up

not angry yet

but swelling as it flows

beneath a pouring rain

through a moonless night

groping along its banks

feeling with watery fingers

for a weakness

a way out


clawing at the edges of roads

and fields

at the foundations of houses

and barns

searching for an escape

on the verge of havoc

of destruction

rising to flood

and a chance at freedom

tlh 12/7/11


October 21, 2011 “autumn rain”

“autumn rain”

trees under an autumn rain

flowing out from a foggy mountain

in pleated ridges and hollows

shedding their rusting leaves

like flecks of burnt orange and gold

copper toned reflections of the past

and places I remember

when the sun shone bright in a careless blue sky

above the verdant summer of life

when living was easy under the shade of trees

that were there long before my birth

and will remain

long after the last rusting leaf is shed

to another autumn rain

©tlh 10/21/11

photo by tlh

September 17, 2011 “a thought on clouds”

a thought on clouds”



crowded upon the firmament

of an angry sky

a herd of fat gray beasts

rank upon rank

vying for position

dark and dismal

somber and severe

sagging, heavy bellies

pregnant with water of life

travailing in labor

giving birth to a deluge…

precious rain is born unto the earth

some from violent storms

some from peaceful showers

some for rivers and the sea

some for flowers and fields

some for floods

some for the thirsty

or puddles or birdbaths

some to wash a dusty traveler

or blood from a battlefield

or tears

some to dance or sing

or make love in

some for rainbows

and snowmen

some to tickle the faces of fascinated children

then out comes the sun

and all return whence they came

to again become


 ©tlh 9/17/2011

April 4, 2011 “early spring rain”

“early spring rain”


winter’s remnant

hangs from a lifeless sky

a thick gray veil

over the black trees

sweeping its sad feathery fingers

over the pallid face of melancholy earth


on the pale cheeks of dour hillsides

the cloud

weeps misty tears of hushed silence

broken only by whispers

of drip-drop-dripping

into dreary puddles

and muffled murmurs

of muted songbirds

silently shifting on their perches

shivering beneath ruffled feathers

as they disappear

behind a shadowy curtain

of cold fog


©tlh 4/4/11

Listen to this here:

January 9, 2011 “woman…fujisan” fifth in a series



Rain on Fuji”


tears of the climber

the sound of Fuji laughing

clamoring rain falls


©tlh 1/9/11


The image is of a woodblock print of Japanese artist Hokusai’s Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji: (#3) Rain Beneath the Summit