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rainy day – October 10, 2014

on a tin roof
a thousand distant voices lauding 
a cheering throng echoing
in this misty gray arena
urging me to victory
to the prize




July 15, 2010 “For Skattie”

“For  Skattie”

This is something very dear to me; it’s the first real poem I ever penned.
It was 1978.
I was 15 years young, and I felt the joy and pain of Love in such a concentrated form, that were it not for the strength of youth, I would have been consumed like tinder in a flame.  Time and trials, heartache and miles had jaded me, so I had all but forgotten that feeling until recently.  I give this precious memory to the one that brought me back to life…she knows who she is.


It’s time pretty girl for you to go to bed.
To go to sleep, to lay down your pretty head.
You’re going to take a trip to a wonderful land, you will see.
Just lie back, relax, and listen to me.
Now starts your journey as your eyes slowly close.
The places you go no one else knows.
You go to a land with candy cane trees
with chocolate mountains and Kool-Aid seas.
This is… The Land Of A Thousand Dreams,
with marshmallow clouds and caramel streams.
Everyone wants to come to this land
where there’s ice cream for snow and sugar for sand.
You can take a walk on a road of hard candy.
Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it dandy?
Then suddenly you come to the orange juice lake.
You go across in a boat made from a cupcake.
The little boat’s captain is a gingerbread man
And he’s taking you off to the gingerbread land.
The sailors too, are made of gingerbread
with whipped cream caps on the tops of their heads.
Then you come to a city of Angel food cake
as you step out of the boat on the orange juice lake.
You walk up the street and see all the people
and a sugar-cube church with a candy cane steeple.
All along the street you see Tootsie Rolls.
They use stick candy for telephone poles.
Everything is sweet in this wonderful land,
but you can’t stay here, I hope you understand.
You must go home and get back in your bed.
For now, you must leave this sweet land of gingerbread.
But remember, no matter how hard life seems
you can always return
to The Land Of A Thousand Dreams.

by Tracy Harris (1978)

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July 5, 2010 “Surrender”

The Perfect Poet Award week 24

Thanks to Jingle for this award…I can count myself among some very good poets.

This week I nominate this wonderfully witty and whimsical piece by my very good friend, Amanda: MR NAILGUN (2)

July 5, 2010   “Surrender”

Sleep eludes me
She mocks me with heavy eyes
Sleep, from just off the edge of my bed
denudes me
Sleep taunts me with glimpses
in minuscule dozes
and starts me the moment
my longing eye closes
first on one side
then on the other
on the outside
then under the cover
like a cruel master of me
deprives me that thing
She knows I can’t see
She knows I can’t have it
in the waking of the day
it can only be found
when thoughts drift away
in dreams of my lover
my heart doesn’t pound
in my chest
I’m at rest
peace can be found
Evil Bitch
Succubus Queen
holds heaven and hell
and me in between…

my eyes start to close
in restful repose
as I surrender
and make no more stand
slipping into her green pools
as I take my Love’s han…

TLH 7/4/2010
Just Say’n

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