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January 28, 2014 “a warm blanket”

a warm blanket


snowy snowy night

falling flakes

floating through the frigid air

a blanket slowly settles

softly o’er the shadowy land

lying silent neath a moonless sky

a peacefulness to warm the frozen soul

©tlh 1/28/13


January 17, 2011 “winter’s reign”

“winter’s reign”


cold gray

bleeds from a lurid sky


over boney skeletons of black trees


in murky pools of dead earth

and winter’s reign

tlh 1/17/11


January 12, 2012 “winter” Haiku

“winter” Haiku

howling wind spits snow
gnawing at hard frozen bones
ravenous winter

tlh 1/12/12

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January 18, 2011 “cold mountain”

(for Sam and Donna)


“cold mountain”


wind driven snow chills

heart-fires warming from within

winter homecoming


©tlh 1/18/11

December 23, 2010 “Winter’s Night”


“Winter’s Night”


snow lies on the ground dimly gleaming

icy fog creeps furtively across the frozen scape

muted moonshine’s frosty glow

gives a pearlescence to night shadows

a cacophonic dirge of silence sounds

for snowbound trees

bowing to a heavy mantle of white

ceding their verdant glory

to the rimy majesty of winter


©tlh 12/23/10



December 8, 2010 “frozen”




the sky is frozen

so is the wintery air

the snow sticks it to the frozen ground

until it’s hard to breathe

the crystalline atmosphere

claws its way into my lungs

begrudgingly imparting life

to my icy veins

ignoring the gelid stains

the desolation pains

of the cold-black aloneness

that is my frozen heart


©tlh 12/8/2010


August 28, 2010 “snow kisses”

“snow kisses”

snow falls from the grey
blankets the misty mountain
in its frosty cloak

ice-cold hands reaching
across grey water spanning
to escape winter’s chilling

snowflake and river
meld silently when they meet
like lovers’ first kiss

breath hangs as a cloud
between two smiling faces
snowflake and river

©tlh   8/28/2010

Listen to this here:

(Photo by Tracy H)